IFA is, unquestionably, an international show. The halls of the Berlin Messe are packed with gadgets from across Europe, Asia, North America, and pretty much every other location imaginable.

Unsurprisingly, local companies are also well represented, including Sundern, Germany-based Severin, the electronic household appliance manufacturer whose own booth occupied a large chunk of one of the convention center halls.

The exhibit featured a number of faux rooms from a mock house filled with Severin appliances, and there, in the back corner, was a kitchen featuring this beauty.

The Wurster is a pop-up toaster with two circular slots designed to cook sausages – a must have, no doubt, for any modern German home. The toaster features adjustable grilling time and presets for thick and thin sausages, cooking the meat cylinders in around five minutes or so.

The company also has a line of sauces featuring names like "Der Burner" and "Ladykiller," all carrying the somewhat regrettable tagline "Moments of Men."

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