Even after the ending of IFA 2015, famous tech companies are continuing to feed the media with news. For wearable tech, the Android Wear watches surprised everyone by having iOS support. Tablet fans received novel information about the upcoming Nexus from developers LG and Huawei. Last week, renderings of a prototype smartphone produced by Nokia came out, and the extra surprise was that it is showed Android as its running OS.

According to a number of users from Weibo, China's main social network, the smartphone is ready to be seen and tested live.

The photos have a striking resemblance to the renders that appeared last week, but little can be said about the design. It seems that the aim of Nokia's design department is to create a simple, minimalistic-looking device that attracts by polished details and functionality rather than by having a flashy appearance. The images show a custom UI that runs on either Lollipop or Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and it appears to be the first time since KitKat when a dark theme is launched.

Nokia C1, rumors say, will take inspiration from the N1 Nokia tablet that has been on the Chinese market for a while. The smartphone borrows a few elements from the tablet, such as the uni-body case with rounded margins and front-facing panel with very slim bezels.

The Chinese source of the picture claims that Nokia C1 will come with a 5-inch Full HD display and an Intel Atom processor under its silver metallic body.

As the Nokia-Microsoft legal crisis is about to end, the Finnish producer will be ready to design and build smartphones once again. Loyal Nokia fans will remember the developers' initial impulse to adopt Android as operating system, before signing the deal with Microsoft and Windows Phone. It is plausible that a Chinese manufacturer will produce the phone, relying on Finnish design and customized software.

There is a chance that these images are fake and the news regarding Nokia C1 is just hot air, but one thing is certain: Nokia is committed to running the Android operating system on all its devices.

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