The first trailer for Arrow season 4 made its way to the web a day ago, and most fans are going crazy, especially those who are obsessed with this thing called "Olicity." However, not all fans were pleased because that trailer was terrible.

The trailer kicks off with Oliver Queen taking a jog with a big smile on his face. He is living with Felicity and, as expected, the man is happy. It is the happiest we have ever seen Oliver, and we're glad the writers have chosen to steady his relationship, especially with Felicity.

It doesn't take long before we see the rest of the gang in Star City as they attempt to keep a lid on crime. As it stands, they all need the return of the Arrow for some reason, so Oliver has to leave his happy place and return to a life of crime fighting.

The trailer introduces us to a few characters new to the show. We get to see Mr. Terrific, John Constantine, and Damien Darhk. We also get to see Diggle in his own costume, though he looks more like Magneto than anything else.

Now, the whole trailer is action-packed, and there are also a few funny moments. Fans should be enjoying this from start to finish, but that might not happen for some. The problem here may be the fact that the writers have chosen to soften the tone of Arrow, and it shows in this trailer.

In the first and second season of the show, there was a sense of danger, but in season 3, everything fell apart. There wasn't a single episode apart from Ra's al Ghul killing Oliver that had us wondering. It was a weak season, and season 4 is looking to be on similar levels.

As for the main villain, Damien Darhk, he came off as some regular guy. Not to mention, he's an immortal, just like Ra's al Ghul, so where's the wow factor here?

To be honest, the writers need to keep Arrow on the path of darkness and stop trying to force the character into the light. This is all about appeasing the fanbase on The CW than anything else.

The Flash is already a lighthearted show, so there is no need to go down a similar road with Arrow.

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