Make Katy Perry Sing But Not Ride A Segway [Video]


Katy Perry may be great at belting out songs but when it comes to riding a Segway, it's a completely different story!

The "Fireworks" singer was attending the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada when she endeavored to ride a Segway. However, the 30-year-old pop artist failed miserably and posted a video of the debacle on her Instagram account on Sunday, Sept. 6, to give fans a few chuckles.

The video shows Katy near an art installation as the desert wind blows strongly. She is clad in a beige fur coat and has covered her face. She is also sporting goggles, a baseball cap and a backpack.

The singer is seen spinning in circles on the Segway before she loses her footing. However, she tries to stay on with one leg before losing her balance, forcing her to jump off. The Segway though had a mind of its own and started moving away with a hapless Katy chasing after it, makes the clip even funnier.

To give Katy Perry her due, it was her first time on a Segway and she saw the funny side and burst into laughter.

"Obvious first time burner alert," wrote the singer on Instagram.


While the "I Kissed a Girl" singer was unable to keep her balance on the Segway, her father Keith Hudson seems to have riding the two-wheeled vehicle down pat. On Monday, Sept. 8, she posted a video of her dad holding on comfortably to the Segway as he spun his way around the driveway.

"Hey Bird, you need a lesson 'cause this is the way you do it," chimed in a black hat and goggles-clad Hudson tongue-in-cheek in the Instagram clip.

Katy responded to Hudson's query with a "thanks dad" on the Instagram post, which was accompanied by an awkward face emoji.

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