Bill Simmons has three more weeks of time off before starting his new gig at HBO.

Until then, the former ESPN personality and Grantland founder, who used to be known as the Boston Sports Guy, is going to unabashedly represent for Bean Town... even if it means defending the New England Patriots.

Simmons read the investigative report published by his former employer, ESPN, alleging that the Patriots video-taped opposing coaches' signals for at least 40 games from 2000-07 — and yet proceeded to take to to his Twitter account and defend them vigorously.

The overall theme of Simmons's tweets? He thinks it's a bunch of sour grapes from teams that lost to the Patriots.

Simmons went on to name several of the Patriots Super Bowl opponents through the years — even encouraging the Seattle Seahawks to get in on the "pity party" as well. However, ESPN The Magazine and Outside The Lines' reporting was so thorough about how the Patriots were allegedly taping opposing coaches' signals well before their 2007 Spygate scandal (in which the New York Jets accused them of recording signals), that it's hard to oppose.

And yet, Simmons didn't seem to mind doing so anyway. Simmons is prepping his own weekly talk show with HBO.

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