As Tim Cook said in his introduction to Apple's Sept. 9 Special Event, the company has some "monster announcements" — especially for the Apple Watch. The company is expanding its platforms and uses for communication – both verbal and visual – with new features. Those include iTranslate, viewfinder capabilities for GoPro, and a customized Facebook Messenger app — all exclusively for the company's popular smartwatch.

While the uses for iTranslate and Facebook messenger are along the same lines for the Apple Watch as they are for the iPad and iPhone, the iTranslate app is especially handy for travelers on the road in foreign countries: if a user speaks into the watch, their sentences can be translated into over 90 languages.

As for the Apple Watch's GoPro capabilities? A wearer can control the camera remotely, and even use their watch as a detached, external viewfnder — giving the user a glimpse of the world like never before.

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