There's unfortunate timing – and then there's scheduling your big unveiling at the exact same time as an Apple press event. Fortunately, Roli's products are innovative enough to cut through the noise – or rise above, as it were.

The London-based company made a name for itself with the first-generation Seaboard Grand keyboard, an innovative take that added a foam-like surface to the electric keyboard, letting players bend and manipulate notes in a manner akin to a guitar string.

The new Seaboard Rise packs the pressure-sensitive technology into a much more portable design, functioning as both a keyboard and a wireless MIDI controller utilizing Bluetooth technology. The 25-key instrument sports its own built-in battery, offering up to 8 hours of play time on a single charge. It is less than an inch thick and is compatible with a variety of software and hardware synthesisers, as well as digital audio workstations across OSX, Windows, and other platforms.

The Rise will run $799. It's available for preorder directly from Roli's site.

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