With distracted driving becoming a bigger and bigger problem, it's interesting that car manufacturers and tech companies haven't done more with heads-up displays, or HUDs. This kind of technology could allow people to access things like maps without having to take their eye off the road.

One company, however, aims to change that, and has introduced a HUD called Exploride that connects with the user's smartphone and offers information such as notifications and maps through a transparent screen that doesn't block the driver's view of the road.

"Exploride combines cutting-edge display and gesture-recognition technology to provide hands-free access to maps, calls, texts, notifications, music and the onboard diagnostics of your car. Experience a smart, safe and connected driving experience," says the company on its Indiegogo page.

Unlike previous products like the Garmin HUD, which displays GPS information, Exploride actually relies on its own 4G Internet connection for things like Google Play Music connectivity. Not only that, but it also has a Bluetooth OBD adapter that plugs into the car, allowing the device to offer diagnostic data as well as information on fuel consumption and so on.

The device also offers gesture-based controls for controlling phone calls and music playing, and it has a 3-MP dash camera in case something happens where a video needs to be recorded.

As far as the 4G connection goes, the device will ship unlocked with a SIM card slot, allowing users to get their own SIM card to use on the carrier of their choice.

In fact, it seems as though the Exploride might be something we will see sooner than expected. The campaign has already raised $359,692 at the time of this writing, or more than 3.5 times the original funding goal of $100,000, with 16 days remaining.

Those interested can pledge $269 for a device of their own, with pledge categories ranging up to $4,000, which will get the user a chance to enjoy a 7-course meal with the team behind the device, as well as a device of their own. There are pledges below the $269 level, but they won't get the user a copy of the device. It the campaign hits stretch goals, participants might also see a dash-camera upgrade as well as 16 GB unlocked storage.

Via: Indiegogo

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