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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Site Wants To Ban Anti-Vaxx Fundraising Campaigns

Anti-vaccination campaigns have spread worldwide, with the misinformation causing more and more parents to hesitate vaccinating their children. Indiegogo has joined other companies in making a stand against anti-vaccination.

Public Health April 30, 2019

Battery Wearable Strap Air.Wear Promises To Fix AirPods Issues

A wearable battery strap for the AirPods called Air.Wear is up on Indiegogo. Aiming to 'replace the case,' it promises added portability and to fully charge the wireless earbuds up to four times.

Apple January 24, 2019

iBackPack Crowdfunding Campaign Under Investigation: Over $700,000 Raised Down The Drain

The Federal Trade Commission has started investigating the iBackPack crowdfunding campaign, which raised more than $700,000. Years later, the product has still not shipped, and its official website has been taken down.

Gadgets August 30, 2018

3D Headphones Start-Up Ossic Shuts Down After Raising Almost $6 Million: New Entry In List Of Crowdfunding Failures

The Ossic X 3D audio headphones will no longer be released after start-up Ossic said that it was shutting down. The closure of Ossic comes despite raising nearly $6 million from crowdfunding initiatives.

Gadgets May 21, 2018

Light Phone 2 Adds Messaging To The Minimalist Device: Will This Cure Your Smartphone Addiction?

The Light Phone 2 is a 4G LTE device with just enough features to make it functional but without all the distractions found in modern smartphones. Preorders for the device start at $250 each.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 2, 2018

Motorola Unveils New Moto Mods: A $99 Sliding Keyboard And A $395 Vital Signs Sensor

Motorola unveiled its latest Moto Mods, which include a health-tracking sensor and a sliding keyboard attachment. Both devices will be released later this year.

CES 2018 January 10, 2018

Social Robot Jibo Now On Sale For $899 After Massive Delay: How Is It Different From The Amazon Echo?

Three years after an Indiegogo campaign that raised over $3.6 million, the social robot Jibo is now on sale for $899. How is it different from the Amazon Echo, and is it really worth that price tag?

Smart Home October 26, 2017

Jelly Pro Smartphone Review: Tiny Yet Solid, With Android Nougat On A Budget

Jelly is the world's smallest 4G smartphone, arriving as a low-cost handset with Android 7.0 Nougat on board. I've spent a week with the Jelly Pro version and I'm pleasantly surprised, but there are also drawbacks.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 13, 2017

Moto Z Smart Z Printer Moto Mod Prints Photos From Your Smartphone On The Go

A promising new Moto Mod concept for the Moto Z family of smartphones aims to print photos on the go. Called the Smart Z Printer, this Moto Mod concept is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo.

Gadgets February 18, 2017

Linc Moto Mod Lets You Turn Your Smartphone Into A Walkie Talkie

Motorola’s latest Moto Mod comes in the shape of a walkie talkie add-on named Linc. The mod attaches itself seamlessly to Moto Z or any smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity and turns it into a walkie talkie.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 18, 2017

Fuze Case For iPhone 7 Brings Back The Headphone Jack, No Drills Required

The Fuze Case, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, is looking to bring back the headphone jack to the iPhone 7. Interested users can purchase the case for as low as $49.

Apple September 28, 2016

Moorebot Is The Adorable, Yet Creepy, Animated Robot That Will Watch And Play With Your Family

Moorebot is an interactive robot that can entertain and monitor the entire family. The personal assistant is being funded via an Indiegogo campaign.

Smart Home September 6, 2016

Now Travelers Can Ride Through The Airport On Their Luggage With The Motorized Modobag

Modobag is the carry-on smart luggage that allows users to track their bag and ride it throughout the airport to make their flight on time.

Gadgets July 25, 2016

Sunscreenr Is A High-Tech Sunscreen-Detecting Gadget That Shows If You Missed A Spot

A new gadget promises to help beachgoers determine whether sunscreen has been properly applied. Sunscreenr uses a special filter, lens and viewfinder to detect exactly where sun protection remains on the user’s face and body.

Gadgets July 22, 2016

The BioRing Wearable Brings A Personal Trainer To Your Fingers

BioRing is the new health and fitness wearable worn on a user’s finger that tracks and monitors calories, including protein and carb metrics, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration and heart health.

Wearable Tech June 30, 2016

Monohm Smart Pocket Watch Runcible Now Available Via Indiegogo

Monohm's smart pocket watch named Runcible is now up for preorder through Indiegogo. Here are the things that you have to know about this smartphone-slash-smart-pocket-watch from Monohm.

Wearable Tech June 16, 2016

Indiegogo Partners With Arrow Electronics To Help Mass Produce Crowdfunded Hardware Products

Indiegogo signed an exciting deal with Arrow Electronics, aiming to help technology and IoT entrepreneurs bring their products to market. Arrow will offer benefits packages of up to $500,000 for eligible projects, so here's what you need to know.

Business Tech May 23, 2016

PayPal Will Become Less Friendly To Crowdfunding Backers Starting June 25

PayPal is amending its user agreement on June 25, with one of the planned changes to affect backers of crowdfunding campaigns. The coming tweak is said to be due to the risks involved surrounding such fundraisers.

Business Tech May 9, 2016

PlayDate Lets Pet Owners Entertain Their Furry Friends From Afar With Technology

The ball not only gives pet owners a new look at their pets in action, but allows them to keep their animals moving.

Gadgets April 25, 2016

No Pets Because Of Allergies? Try Antbo, The Insect Robot Companion You Can Build

Tired of getting the sneeze because of house pets but still want one nonetheless? Here's an ant-inspired robot companion you can build from scratch called Antbo, a mechanical pet you'll love and is also guaranteed allergy-free!

Gadgets April 23, 2016

Nervana Earbuds Will Help You Sync Your Music To ‘Feel Good’ Nerves In Your Body

The wearable earbuds deliver an electrical wave through the left ear canal to stimulate the Vagus nerve in sync with the music being streamed.

Gadgets April 22, 2016

World's First Amazon Alexa-Integrated Smartwatch Hits Indiegogo: Meet The Stylish CoWatch

A new smartwatch seeks funds on Indiegogo, claiming to be the world’s first smartwatch that comes integrated with Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant. Dubbed CoWatch, it runs on Cronologics OS and will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Wearable Tech April 20, 2016

Nativ Is The High-Res Music System For Listening To Streaming Services At Home

This high-res music system allows consumers to wirelessly stream music from a touchscreen music player to speakers, headphones and televisions.

Gadgets April 18, 2016

The Move It Workout System Is Your Personal Smart Home Gym

This four-in-one fitness equipment device brings the gym to your home, as well as personal training and real-time feedback as you get fit.

Gadgets April 13, 2016

The Nex Band Lets Users Hack And Control Smart Devices From Their Wrist

This wearable called the Nex Band allows users to program connected devices via hacks in its app to be able to control devices and manage apps from their wrists.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2016

Kuvée Wants You To Drink Wine In Style: Meet The World's First Smart Wine Bottle

Kuvée rolled out the first smart wine bottle in the world. Cabernet or Merlot enthusiasts can use the device to keep wine fresh for 30 days, and Wi-Fi integration should be able to improve every dinner party.

Gadgets March 29, 2016

The Science Behind This Pair Of Gravity-Defying Shoes That Makes You Feel Like Walking On The Moon

Have you ever fantasized about walking on the moon? A specialized pair of shoes developed by a New York-based startup matches exactly the kind of moon-walking experienced by astronauts.

February 8, 2016

This Gesture-Controlled Steering Wheel Cover Transforms Any Car Into A Smart Car

Drivers can control their smartphones directly from their steering wheel using this cover, which features a single touch pad that is controlled by using thumb gestures.

FUTURE TECH February 2, 2016

Need Help Dieting? Here's What The NutriRay3D Project Has In Mind

People in need of an effective diet program may just find the technology of NutriRay3D quite intriguing. Designed to be simple and easy to use, NutriRay3D aims to make it easier to keep track of calories and nutritional information.

Gadgets January 30, 2016

This Smart Solar-Powered Fabric Will Keep You Warm In The Winter

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for a smart fabric by a company called ThermalTech. The fabric is aimed at generating heat, even in the winter, enabling users to shed some of the layers of clothing usually needed to stay warm.

Internet January 27, 2016

WowWee Is Funding This Adorable Robotic Dog On Indiegogo

WowWee's got a new adorable robot.

January 6, 2016

Hasbro Announces 'Irresponsibility: The Mr. Toast Card Game' As Indiegogo Gaming Challenge Winner

Hasbro has selected a family-friendly card game featuring a piece of toast as the winner of its Indiegogo contest to find the next best party game.

Geek December 21, 2015

New Lab Zero RPG 'Indivisible' Hits $1.5M Indiegogo Target

Lab Zero Games started a crowdfunding campaign for its next game to follow 'Skullgirls' called 'Indivisible,' an RPG game inspired by 'Valkyrie Profile' and 'Super Metroid.' Now, the project has reached its target and set two new stretch goals.

Video Games December 4, 2015

This Wallet Will Alert You If You Leave It Behind

Losing a wallet can be a real pain, but the people behind Walli are trying to ensure that you never lose it again. The device uses Bluetooth to connect to the user's smartphone and can even track individual cards.

Gadgets December 1, 2015

'Dragon's Lair' Movie Kickstarter Is No More, Is Now Moving To Indiegogo

The team behind the 'Dragon's Lair' movie project is now focusing on its upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

Internet Culture November 25, 2015

Indiegogo Announces Partnership With Target To Bring Select Crowdfunded Products To Retail

The items will only be available at the retailer's Open House connected-home section in San Francisco for now, but could expand to include other Target locations in the future.

Deals November 19, 2015

The Juvo Sleep Monitor Helps Turn Your Room Into A Sleep Haven

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for a device called Juvo that is a sleep monitor that goes beyond other sleep monitors currently available. Not only does it connect with other smart home devices, but it also offers sleep advice.

Gadgets November 17, 2015

Brookstone And Indiegogo Announce New Partnership Aimed To Develop Crowdfunded Products More Quickly

The deal will help companies take their products from Indiegogo to be sold at Brookstone, just as the makers of the Cat Ear Headphones and Fizzics beer dispenser have done.

Gadgets November 17, 2015

The Alpha 2 Is A Humanoid Personal Assistant Robot For Your Home

Humanoid robots have been the subject of movies for years now, but we have yet to experience them in our day-to-day lives. The Alpha 2, however, could change that.

Gadgets November 11, 2015

3RDi Is A Camera On Your Forehead That Captures Your Day

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for a device called the 3RDi, which is a camera that is placed on the user's forehead and that is aimed at capturing their everyday lives.

Gadgets November 6, 2015

The PuzzlePhone Simplifies The Idea Of A Modular Smartphone

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for a device called the PuzzlePhone, which is a modular smartphone divided into three different components.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 3, 2015

Revolights Eclipse Smart Lighting System Gives Your Bike Headlights And Turn Signals

Revolights smart lights provide a legal headlight and brake light for cyclists' bicycles, which increase visibility for night riding.

Gadgets October 26, 2015

Indiegogo Is Rebranding Its Charity Section To 'Generosity By Indiegogo'

Indiegogo Life will be getting a new name and a facelift, now to be known as 'Generosity by Indiegogo.' The new website will be launching with four campaigns to start out with, including one dedicated to helping Syrian refugees.

Internet October 21, 2015

Skarp Laser Razor Booted From Kickstarter: Critics Describe Technology As Unrealistic

The Skarp laser razor was recently booted from Kickstarter for lack of a working prototype, but the team is not giving up with its goal of developing the revolutionary device. Meanwhile, critics believe that the laser razor is too 'unrealistic'.

Life October 15, 2015

Skullgirls Developer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Impressive New Action RPG

Game developer Lab Zero Games launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for an upcoming action-RPG game title known as ‘Indivisible.’ It has already earned 8 percent of its funding goal set at $1.5 million.

Video Games October 7, 2015

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