While the world continues to wait for an open-world (er, open-time?) Back to the Future game, this mod for Grand Theft Auto V should do nicely.

The DeLorean skin itself is a separate mod, and you have to admit it looks incredible. It looks exactly like the one in the movie, with its shiny, stainless steel body, exhaust ports, futuristic license plate, added wires and circuitry, and good old Mr. Fusion. It's a perfect replica.

But the skin doesn't let it do anything special. It's a new mod by Joshua Vanderzee that makes the DeLorean work like the "real" thing.

That's right, with this new mod, the DeLorean actually travels through time. Using Vanderzee's script, you input your target date and time into the time circuits. Rev up the car's engine, and when it hits 88 miles per hour, there's an explosion and the DeLorean vanishes, leaving a tracks of fire behind. Seconds later, it appears in a new time.

Granted, the future with flying cars and hoverboards aren't accessible, nor is the distant past. All that really happens is that the weather and time of day change, and you'll find all the NPCs in different spots than they were in before you left.

Now if only there was a Marty McFly character skin...

h/t Steamed

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