The latest pair of iPhones may feel like incremental upgrades to some people, and Apple is making sure that those sentiments don't stop people from migrating to the latest and greatest. Apple's new plan to encourage people to upgrade may be so attractive to consumers that it might just offend wireless carriers.

So here's the deal: customers can drop by their wireless carriers' local store and head into an Apple-run establishment where the tech company is offering payment plans for future handsets and AppleCare+. The plan is offered exclusively through Apple.

Customers who purchase the new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, available unlocked, can pay as low as $32 per month for the base handset and $37 for its big-faced brother. Underneath that, there's a two-month contract.

The method "requires a 24-month installment loan with Citizens Bank, N.A. and iPhone activation with a national carrier—AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. Full terms apply," said Apple.

Despite having to commit to two years, which isn't a new concept, subscribers can upgrade to the latest iPhone each year. Over two years, subscribers of the plan ultimately end up paying $777.84 for the smaller handset.

While it may be alluring to many, it's not necessarily the best show in town. Here's the rundown of iPhone payment plans.

Sprint: The men and women of the Yellow and Black have already been maintaining what some would call a better plan than what Apple is now offering. Sprint's iPhone Forever plan, currently running a promotion, is offering iPhones on lease for $15 a month. Its core price of $27.08 per month comes to a grand total of $649.

AT&T: Blue and White is offering $32.50, $27.09 and $21.67 per month for 20-, 24- and 30-month terms. The plan in the middle comes to $650 over two years.

Verizon: Red and Black is priced on par with Sprint. Sprint just happens to be running that $15 per month promotion right now. However, Verizon will only allow upgrades after two years. Sprint allows subscribers to step up 12 months in, and much sooner in some cases.

T-Mobile: Purple is at $27.08 per month as well, though it has a promotional price of $20 per month right now. T-Mobile, like Sprint, offers iPhones on lease.

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