A new product from Mark One will allow you to analyze the beverage you're drinking in real time, determining what it is and how healthy it is for you. Vessyl displays this information while sending it to a companion smartphone app through bluetooth, allowing you to track your intake throughout the day.

Vessyl uses advanced sensors to determine the molecular composition of any liquid poured into it. The cup determines how many calories it has, as well as how much sugar, fat, protein, sodium and caffeine is in the drink. It even determines what the beverage is, with enough accuracy to differentiate between Sprite and 7up. Currently that information is entered manually; Vessyl can identify a limited number of drinks. However Mark One may bring in outside sources in the future.

CEO Justin Lee sees Vessyl as the other half of the fitness equation, a companion to the many widely available devices which track exercise and activity level. Until now, most programs that track consumption have required you to enter that information manually. Vessyl represents a step forward in that respect, automating the entire process.

What you drink may be more important to your health than you think. According to the National Health and Nutrition Education Survey, beverages are the number one single source of calories. Vessyl makes you aware of the caloric content of your drink as soon as you pour it in. It also helps you stay properly hydrated throughout the day. It determined the intake you require based on factors like body weight and activity level, and displays that information in the form of a white line on the side of the cup. Tilting Vessyl back lights up the display, which shows your hydration level as a percentage of the ideal, represented by a blue dot at the top.

"As you use the Vessyl, it's going to learn more about you and your consumption habits and patterns, but the main goal is to actually help you make healthier and more informed decisions in real time," says vice president of health Mark Berman in a video. "Little by little these decisions translate to big changes over time, so much so it can transform your life."

Vessyl is currently pre-selling for $99, and will have a final retail price of $199.

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