Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs' widow and a philanthropist, has committed $50 million to XQ: The Super School Project, which is aimed at redefining education in the U.S.

The project itself is competition-based and allows teams to think about what they believe a school in the U.S. should be. The project will last several months and will end with a number of the teams getting funding to make their ideas a reality.

According to the XQ Project Website, teams will self-assemble, after which they will immerse themselves in research and the thinking behind how students learn in the world today. Teams will also discuss student needs in the changing world, and create systems to build these ideas into American high schools.

Powell Jobs won't just be donating money to the project, but she will also serve as the chair of XQ's board of directors.

According to XQ, schools in the U.S. have largely remained unchanged over the past 100 years. XQ says that it wants to create schools tailored to the drastically changed world of today, meaning that the Super School will be largely tech-based.

The Super School Project is the latest project from Emmerson Collective, a group that was funded by Powell Jobs. The group is aimed at a number of philanthropic efforts, with one of those being an educational reform in the U.S.

The deadline for ideas for the project is November 15, with a panel of judges set to pick the winners in April 2016. Those winners will be announced in August 2016. Eventually, the group hopes to build between five and 10 Super Schools, and the endeavors by those schools will be supported over five years.

Via: Mashable

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