Developer Comcept just gave its fans another unpleasant surprise by delaying the much-expected demo of Mighty No. 9, scheduled Sept. 15. It is not the first time the company pushes back promised release dates either.

The demo supposed to come out on Sept. 15 was in itself an apology for the long times of full game development and the repetitive postponement of a reliable release date.

Comcept was shockingly shy in delivering the news and chose to announce the extra delay at the end of an update about the game's active robot design contest. It did not mention, however, how long fans have to wait until the release of the demo.

"There is a good chance [the demo] will not be ready to launch by the 15th", the company said, blaming it on unforeseeable distribution issues. The demo will be running only on PCs and will be distributed through Steam, game developers added.

Keiji Inafune, creator of legendary classic game Mega Man, is part of the core team that developed Mighty No. 9. The title would be the first independent creation of the Japanese producer and illustrator. The weight of his name convinced gamers to finance the indie release, so that it received massive support and backing through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Predictable rage from gamers ensued in the comment section of the blog post, as they saw their hopes (and investments) betrayed.

"I put my full faith into Comcept and Inafune. Instead of being upfront with its own post, you sneak it into the very bottom of a fair sized post hoping maybe it would slip on by without much noise being made. There is no trust anymore," commented user Nicotine.

Some of the backers still support Comcept's initiative, but their numbers grow thinner by the day.

"I do hope that Comcept can figure things out soon. Even sending a private download link for the trial via email to backers in waves at a time would be a pretty quick fix. I will still support Inafune-san and Comcept fully and I can't wait to finally play the full version of Mighty No. 9!" argued user Demo.

The release date for the side-scrolling action game is now placed somewhere at the start of 2016, but based on the company's record, that is merely a possibility.

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