You Can Stop Searching For 'Batman: Arkham Knight's Secret Room


The Batman: Arkham games are infamous for being loaded with Easter eggs and secrets. The search for one particular kind of hidden goodie has become a tradition among players.

Batman: Arkham Asylum had a secret room hidden behind a wall in Warden Quincy Sharp's office. Inside could be found blueprints for a new facility that Sharp was secretly planning to build. It would be a gigantic prison on the north end of Gotham called ... Arkham City. That's right, Rocksteady Studios already had Arkham City in mind before Arkham Asylum was published.

In Batman: Arkham City, there was another secret room — and yep, it teased what was to come in the third game. At Joker's Funland was docked a boat, inside which Scarecrow had a secret room. In that room was a random thug off the street that Scarecrow (who was completely absent from Arkham City, it should be noted) had strapped to a chair. This poor sap, it seems, was being subjected to Scarecrow's fear toxin experiments. It even had those clear containers full of bugs that were seen in the third game. Arkham Knight hinged on Scarecrow's return, where he unleashed the most potent fear toxin ever on Gotham.

Not only do these hidden rooms give bragging rights to anyone who finds them, but they also give important clues about Rocksteady's plans for the future.

So naturally, gamers have been searching for Batman: Arkham Knight's secret room. Even though Rocksteady has made it abundantly clear that Arkham Knight is its final Batman game, all eyes are on the studio to find out what it has planned next. Many gamers are speculating — or maybe just hoping — that the developer will shift its attention to Batman's fellow DC Comics crimefighter, Superman. This is given a hint of legitimacy by how many times the Man of Steel is referenced throughout Arkham Knight.

But game director Sefton Hill says fans can call off the search. This time, there's no secret room hidden anywhere in Gotham.

Rocksteady is already hard at work on its next game, but whatever it is, it will likely be another two years or so before we learn anything about it.

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