'The Flash' Deleted Scene Includes A Clever Aquaman Reference


CW's The Flash is no stranger to including Easter eggs and sly references to the greater DC universe. Fans have scoured each episode for clues and props, but there is one Easter egg that even the most dedicated fans have yet to see.

That's because it never made it on air. EW has unveiled a deleted scene from the show's pilot episode ahead of the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Flash Season 1 that includes a great little Easter egg featuring none other than DC's Aquaman.

This particular scene involves Jesse L. Martin's Joe West character giving Barry Allen a hard time for wasting time chasing after "urban legends." Allen attempts to defend himself, but West then follows up with how Allen's last wild goose chase involved him searching for a "man who could talk to fish" in Amnesty Bay.

That man is, of course, none other than Aquaman. It's a fun little scene, so it's curious that it didn't make the cut. Perhaps CW didn't want to give fans the illusion of hope that Aquaman might appear on the show. Though numerous other DC heroes and villains have made an appearance, the chances of an Arthur Curry cameo don't seem too high. CW doesn't want to step on the toes of the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which Jason Momoa is set to debut as the King of Atlantis.

You can check out the scene below for yourself. The Flash season one arrives in stores on September 22, with The Flash Season 2 set to premiere on October 6. Be sure to check out the show's Season 2 trailer here.

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