A couple has reinvented the way we perceive flying drones. The couple in question has made a sweet quadcopter made of chocolate which actually flies!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), more commonly known as drones, are sometimes considered as the technology of the future. The drone market is expected to get a lot of popularity in the near future but currently, it is mainly used at homes as an entertainment object. However, drones are said to have high potential in many areas such as military, medical, e-commerce and more.

Usually, drones are made of metal such as aluminum. However, a couple have taken things a step further and made a drone made of chocolate. The creators of the chocolate drone have used plastic propellers, the usual metal motors but the body is made of melted baking chocolate and Milka bars.

"[Michael] enjoys building and flying quadrotors. His girlfriend enjoys baking and making chocolates. One day she had a crazy idea - what if they made a quadrotor together, combining their unique skill sets? [Michael] was a bit skeptical at first. After all, chocolate doesn't really compare to aluminum or carbon for a frame material... and chocolate melts at room temperature. Regardless - they were curious enough to try it out and see for sure," reports a Hack A Day.

The couple has also posted a video on YouTube that shows how they made the sweet chocolate copter. The makers of the drone used a wooden frame to build a silicone mold of the body of the copter. They placed the electric motors on the silicone mold and poured the melted chocolate on top of it. The silicone mold was left in the freezer so that chocolate can solidify. Once in solid form, the inventors of the chocolate drone fitted other parts to it including the propellers, a camera and also some stickers.

The creators of the drone took it to an open space to check out if it can fly and it did.

It seems that the success of the chocolate copter has pepped up the inventors, who seem to be planning for another invention soon.

"We had a great time building it. So, we have decided to reuse the mold and the other copter components to build at least one more 'extraordinary' copter. And we already have another totally crazy idea," says Chocolate Copter, the creators of the drone on YouTube.

Check out the video of how the drone was made and how it flies.

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