Samsung announced its latest SSD at the annual SSD summit in Seoul, Korea: it has super-fast flash speeds and a higher bandwidth for intensive workloads.

The new SSD 950 Pro will be the fastest drive on the market, with read speeds up to 2,500MBps and write speeds as fast as 1,500MBps. This means the SSD has read speeds that are four times faster and write speeds that are three faster than its predecessor, the 850 Pro.

The new SSD's speed can be credited to the Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface (NVMe) the SSD is equipped with, rather than the common industry Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI). The AHCI was designed in 2004 by Intel for old HDDs, and while it works for traditional hard drives, this is not the case for low latency NAND chips, especially since flash speeds have increased. Instead, NVMe provides performance enhancements thanks to the use of both the PCIe and NAND flash memory.

The SSD is equipped with Samsung's innovative and fast V-NAND technology (which increases endurance for a longer lifespan under heavy workloads) and a triple core, eight-channel UBX controller, along with NVMe to really pack on the power.

The new SSD also features Dynamic Thermal Throttling (DTT) technology to reduce overheating. It also secures battery life while maintaining its performance levels. In its standby mode, the SSD consumes only 2.0 milliwatts of power.

Samsung's SSD 950 Pro has a 2.5-inch format and will be available in 512 GB and 256 GB options. It will start at $349.99 and $199.99, respectfully, available in October.

Via: Samsung

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