What's The Wearable For You? Swatch-Like Pebble Time Round Or Pebble Time Steel


There are a number of wearables on the market that smartwatch lovers can choose from. Recently joining the selection is the new Pebble Time Round, which is Pebble's first circular dialled wearable. The Pebble Time Steel also hit the shelves in August, giving you two new wearables to decide between from Pebble alone.

Here is a comparison of the Pebble Time Round and the Pebble Time Steel.


The Pebble Time Steel has a rectangular dial, while the Pebble Time Round has a round dial. The Pebble Time Round is 7.5mm in thickness — far thinner than the Pebble Time Steel's 10.5mm thickness.

Both the wearables have stainless steel bezels and are available with silver, black or rose gold metal finish.

The Pebble Time Steel comes with a 22mm band, while the Pebble Time Round is available in 14mm and 20 mm band sizes.

Display and Screen

The Pebble Time Round is 38.5mm in diameter and the Steel measures 40.5mm x 37.5mm. Both smartwatches have color e-paper technology and LED backlighting.


Both the Round and the Steel are charged via magnetic charging cable. The battery in the Round offers up to two days usage and the battery of the Steel provides life of up to 10 days — much better than the Round. However, just 15 minutes of charging gives Pebble Time Round customers a whole day of usage.


Both the Pebble smartwatches are compatible with iPhone 4s and run on iOS 8 and above. The wearables are also compatible with Android devices running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above.


The Pebble Time Steel and the Pebble Time Round are available at a starting price of $249.99.

Other Features

The Steel is water-resistant up to 30 meters, or almost 100 feet. However, the Round is just splash-resistant and not waterproof.

"Incidental exposure to water-like unforeseeable rain-won't ruin your device, but submerging the watch is not recommended," reads the small print on the Pebble Time Round webpage.

Neither of the devices have a touchscreen, employing physical buttons instead. Both the Round and the Steel include vibrating motors that gives silent alerts to the wearer.

Final Thoughts

Customers looking for a circular smartwatch that is very thin may opt for the Pebble Time Round. However, the Pebble Time Steel has an edge over the Round when it comes to battery life. 

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