With the concern of climate change and the use of greenhouse gases continuing to grow, an increasing number of companies are trying to find ways to create clean and renewable energy.

One such company, called Janulus, recently started a new Kickstarter campaign to fund its new portable wind turbines. It calls these wind turbines Trinity, and they are available in four different models.

In fact, the Trinity project is raising a lot more money and awareness than might have been previously thought. At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter had raised $79,760, over 50 percent more than its $50,000 funding goal. Not only that, but the campaign still has 31 days to go, suggesting that it could go on to raise far more than that.

As mentioned, the Trinity comes in four different models. The first is a 50-watt version called the Trinity 50, which costs $399, according to the Kickstarter page. The next version is the Trinity 400, which costs $999 for the 30 first backers who claim it, and then $1,099. The third version is the Trinity 1000, costing $2,799 for the first 20 backers and $2,999 after that. Last but not least is the Trinity 2500, which costs $5,599 for the first 10 backers and then jumps up to $5,999.

In fact, the Trinity 1000 and Trinity 2500, packing 1,000 or 2,500 watts respectively, could power your entire home, depending on the size of the home that needs powering. Not only that, but the turbine increases in size based on wattage, with the Trinity 50 being a small device that can fit inside a backpack.

Each of the four wind turbines is able to generate power using wind as slow as four miles per hour, however, in the event of much higher wind speeds, the turbines can collapse their blades for more efficient power accumulation.

The Trinity also has a smartphone app, allowing users to monitor the battery level of the turbine as well as turn off the blades and see how much energy is being generated.

If all goes according to plan, the Trinity turbines will ship at the beginning of 2016.

Via: Digital Trends

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