It's no secret that the Oculus Rift helped kick-start the recent virtual reality revival. In fact, while competitors have appeared since the headset's incredibly successful Kickstarter, many still consider the Oculus Rift to be the frontrunner in the upcoming VR arms race. And, with Microsoft announcing a major partnership with Oculus back at E3 2015, the Rift definitely has the manpower behind it to be successful.

More importantly, however, the Oculus has the games to support it. Ever since the first developer kits were released a few years back, more and more games have been released for the headset ahead of its official launch. As a result, the Oculus already as a surprisingly long list of VR-ready games, despite the fact that it's not even out yet.

This is a comprehensive list of every major title that's either in-progress or already available for the Oculus Rift headset. For simplicity's sake, we've narrowed it down to three categories: Available means that the software is ready to download now, Confirmed means that the team is working to get VR running in their game, and Planned means that the game should be getting VR support, but nothing has been nailed down just yet.

So, without further adieu, here's every major game currently planned for the Oculus Rift:

  Oculus compatibility Release Date Genre
 4089: Ghost Within  Available  Available Now  Action RPG, Stealth
 7 Days to Die  Confirmed  Early Access  FPS, Survival Horror
 Aaaaa! Oculus Edition  Demo Available  Available Now  Simulation
 Aderyn's Cradle  Confirmed  Summer 2016  Open-World RPG
 Adr1ft  Confirmed  Sept. 2015  Survival Horor
 Alien: Isolation  Available (modding req.)  Available Now  Survival Horror
 Among the Sleep  Available  Available Now  Survival Horror
 Assetto Corsa  Available  Available Now  Racing
 Asunder: Earthbound  Available  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Atajrubah  Available  Early Access  First-Person Adventure
 Attractio  Planned  2015  First-Person Puzzle  Confirmed  Available Now  Racing Simulation
 Black Island  Available  Available Now  Survival Horror
 Cascade  Confirmed  TBD  Simulation
 Catlateral Damage  Planned  Available Now  Simulation
 CDF Ghostship  Available  Available Now  FPS, Survival Horror
 City Quest  Available  Available Now  Adventure
 Classroom Aquatic  Confirmed  Q4 2015  First-Person Stealth
 CosmoKnots  Confirmed  Early Access  Racing
 Crystal Rift  Available  Early Access  First-Person Adventure
 Cypress Inheritance  Confirmed  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 DARK  Available  Available Now  Stealth, Action-RPG
 Darkfield VR  Available  Early Access  Space combat simulator
 Daylight  Confirmed  Available Now  Survival Horror
 DayZ  Planned  Early Access  FPS, Survival Horror
 Dirt Rally  Available  Early Access  Racing simulation
 Distance  Confirmed  Early Access  Racing
 Doorways  Available  Available Now  Survival Horror
 Dream  Available  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Dreamfall Chapters  Planned  Available Now  Adventure
 Dying Light  Available (modding req.)  Available Now  FPS, Survival Horror
 Elite: Dangerous  Available  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Enemy Starfighter  Confirmed  TBD  Space combat simulator
 Energy Hook  Available  Early Access  Action-adventure
 Estranged  Available  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Ether One  Available  Available Now  First-Person Puzzle
 Ethereon  Available  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Euro Truck Simulator 2  Available  Available Now  Vehicle simulation
 EVE Valkyrie  Confirmed  TBD  Space combat simulator
 EverQuest Next  Planned  TBD  MMORPG
 Flagship  Confirmed  TBD  Real-time strategy
 The Forest  Available  Available  Open-world survival
 Formula C  Planned  2016  Racing
 FRACT OSC  Planned  Available Now  Survival Horror
 FRONTIERS  Available (modding req.)  Early Access  Exploration, Survival
 Geocore  Available  Early Access  FPS
 Ghost in the Machine  Available  Available Now  Platformer
 GoD Factory: Wingmen  Available  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Grave  Available  Q3 2015  Survival Horror
 Grid Autosport  Available  Available Now  Racing
 Ground Branch  Confirmed  TBD  FPS

  Oculus compatibility Release Date Genre
 Half-Life 2  Available  Available Now  FPS
 Half-Life: Source  Available  Available Now  FPS
 Hawken  Available  Available Now  FPS
 Heavy Gear Assault  Confirmed  Early Access  FPS, Mecha
 Hipster Axe  Confirmed  TBD  Open-world Adventure
 Homesick  Confirmed  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Hypatia  Confirmed  TBD  Open-world Adventure
 InMind  Available  Available Now  Action-Adventure
 Insignificant  Confirmed  Early Access  Open-World RPG
 Interstellar Marines  Planned  Early Access  FPS  Available  Available Now  Racing Simulation
 Kairo  Available  Available Now  First-Person Puzzle
 Kingdom Come  Confirmed  2016  Open-World RPG
 Lacuna Passage  Confirmed  2015  Exploration, Survival
 Lifeless  Confirmed  TBD  FPS, Survival
 Limit Theory  Planned  TBD  Space Exploration
 Live for Speed  Available  Available Now  Racing Simulation
 Loading Human  Confirmed  TBD  First-Person Adventure
 Lunar Flight  Available  Available Now  Simulation
 Maere: When Lights Die  Available  Available Now  Survival Horror
 MechDefense  Available  Available Now  Simulation, Shooter
 Minecraft  Confirmed  Available Now  Survival
 Monstrum  Confirmed  Available Now  Survival Horror
 Montague's Mount  Confirmed  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Montas  Confirmed  Early Access  Survival Horror
 Mortal Online  Confirmed  Available Now  FPS, MMORPG
 Museum of the Microstar  Available  Available Now  Narrative Short
 Nevermind  Planned  Early Access  Survival Horror
 NoLimits 2  Available  Available Now  Simulation
 NOWHERE  Confirmed  Early Access  Simulation
 Obduction  Confirmed  Late 2015  First-Person Adventure
 Outerra  Available  TBD  Sandbox, Exploration
 Paranautical Activity  Confirmed  Available Now  FPS, Rogue-like
 Paranormal  Planned  Early Access  Survival Horror
 Polarity  Confirmed  Available Now  First-Person Puzzle
 Private Eye  Confirmed  TBD  First-Person Adventure
 Probably Archery  Available  Available Now  FPS, Simulation
 Project C.A.R.S.  Available  Available Now  Racing simulation
 Project Nimbus  Planned  Early Access  Mecha
 PULSAR: Lost Colony  Confirmed  Early Access  Simulation
 Pulse  Confirmed  TBD  Survival
 Q.U.B.E.  Planned  Available Now  First-Person Puzzle
 Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube  Available  Available Now  Platformer
  Oculus compatibility Release Date Genre
 Race the Sun  Available  Available Now  Arcade
 RaceRoom  Available  Available Now  Racing Simulation
 Ravensword: Shadowlands  Confirmed  Available Now  Action RPG
 RedFrame  Available  TBD  First-Person Adventure
 Reset  Confirmed  TBD  First-Person Puzzle
 Retrovirus  Available  Available Now  FPS
 rFactor 2  Planned  Available Now  Racing simulation
 Rift Rush  Available  Early Access  Platformer
 Rift's Cave  Available  Early Access  First-Person Adventure
 Road Redemption  Confirmed  Early Access  Combat racing game
 Rogue System  Planned  Early Access  Space combat simulator
 Routine  Confirmed  TBD  Survival Horror
 RuneScape  Planned  Available Now  MMORPG
 Ryzom Core  Available  TBD  MMORPG
 SCALE  Planned  TBD  First-Person Puzzle
 Second Life  Available  Available Now  MMORPG
 Shufflepuck Cantina VR  Available  Available Now  Arcade, Sports
 Slender: The Arrival  Available  Available Now  Survival Horror
 Soda Drinker Pro  Available  Available Now  Simulation
 Solus  Confirmed  2016  Survival
 Son of Nor  Confirmed  Action-Adventure  TBD
 SoundSelf  Available  Early Access  Music
 Space Hulk: Deathwing  Confirmed  TBD  FPS
 SpaceEngine  Available  Early Access  Simulation, Exploration
 Spectre: VR Horror  Available  Early Access  Survival Horror
 Star Citizen  Confirmed  Early Access  Space combat simulator
 Star Conflict  Available  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Star Sonata 2  Planned  Available Now  MMORPG
 Starpoint Gemini 2  Confirmed  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Stranded Deep  Confirmed  Early Access  Survival Horror
 Strike Suit Zero  Available  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Strike Vector  Planned  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Super Mega Mega  Available  TBD  Platformer
 Surgeon Simulator  Available  Available Now  Simulation
 Synergy  Available  Available Now  FPS, Co-Op
 Synthesis  Available  Early Access  Simulation, Puzzle
 Team Fortress 2  Available  Available Now  FPS
 The Long Dark  Confirmed  Early Access  Survival
 Theme Park Studio  Confirmed  Early Access  Simulation
 Throw Trucks With Your Mind  Planned  Early Access  FPS
 Time Rifters  Available  Available Now  FPS
 Trackmania 2  Available  Available Now  Racing game
 Tron Light Cycles  Available  Available Now  Racing game
 Tsunami Island  Confirmed  Available Now  Survival, Simulation
 Unreal Tournament  Planned  Early Access  FPS
 Vendetta Online  Available  Available Now  Space combat simulator
 Victory: The Age of Racing  Confirmed  Early Access  Racing simulation
 V I V Online  Confirmed  TBD  MMORPG
 VRInvestigation  Available  Available Now  First-Person Adventure
 Wander  Confirmed  Available Now  MMORPG
 Wanderift  Confirmed  TBD  Adventure, Exploration
 War Thunder  Available  Available Now  Combat flight simulator
 Wreckfest  Planned  Early Access  Vehicular Combat
 White Heaven  Confirmed  Q4 2015  Survival Horror
 Windlands  Available  TBD  Platformer, Exploration
 The Witness  Confirmed  Q1 2016  First-Person Puzzle
 World of Diving  Available (modding req.)  Available Now  Online Exploration
 X-Plane 10  Planned  Available Now  Flight Simulation
 XING: The Land Beyond   Confirmed  TBD  First-Person Adventure
 Zombies on the Holodeck  Available  Available Now  FPS

With the tumultuous landscape of VR and indie PC gaming development, this list is subject to change: new games pop up all the time, only to fade into development limbo. If you've got any additions or corrections, just leave a comment below and we'll update the story accordingly.

The Oculus Rift is set to ship sometime next year.

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