T-Mobile is continuing its onslaught on AT&T and Verizon with a new program called Test Drive, which is designed to allow consumers to give the T-Mobile network a test run before becoming a subscriber. It's a daring move, one that could turn out to be a great success for the company.

Folks who sign up for Test Drive will have a week to give T-Mobile's network a spin, and the good thing is, it program is 100 percent free. To make it even better, consumers will get the chance to test the network with an Apple iPhone 5S, which is also free, but must be returned after the 7 days have ended.

For those who might want to Test Drive the number 4 wireless carrier in the United States with an iPhone 5S, bear in mind the network will require valid credit card information. This is a safeguard for T-Mobile just in case someone managed to break or lose the given iPhone 5S.

As long as the phone is fine, the credit card will not be charged.

If the iPhone 5S is returned with a cracked screen, the user will be charged $100, and if the device is not returned at all, the user will then be charged a massive $700. As it stands now, this Test Drive service is very enticing, but it is also very risky since anything can happen where a phone might go missing.

If the unfortunate happens, we suggest telling T-Mobile the dog ate it. This excuse worked in school, who knows if it could work here. In addition, T-Mobile has over 12,000 takers for Test Drive, and official signups for program will begin on July 23, so mark that date on the calendar.

In an attempt to shake up the top three carriers in the United States, T-Mobile has taken on the mantle as "Uncarrier," and so far, it appears to be working wonders for the company. AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have all had to adjust slightly to combat some of the cool things T-Mobile has been doing.

Test Drive is the next big step, and if it works, it could become normal in the United States in the next 2 years. However, for that work, the majority of Test Drive subjects would have to sign up for T-Mobile, forcing other networks to adopt the program.

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