Just because you don't have a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connection does not mean you can't use your voice to control your smartphone or tablet. Google now allows users to enjoy the powerful capabilities Google Now has to offer as the company has begun allowing offline commands for Android devices.

However, Google has enabled only a small set of voice commands that a person can use even without a connection to the Internet.

Currently, the short list of voice commands that should work even with no data connection include:

  • Open Gmail (or any app downloaded into the device).
  • Play Music.
  • Turn up the volume.
  • Turn on the flashlight.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Turn on airplane mode.
  • Dim the screen.

Google will offer this short list of offline voice commands, with the title "Offline Voice Tips," after the usual "Something went wrong" error notification.

It is worth noting that "turn on" commands also have their "turn off" counterparts. Additionally, the update allows simple variations. For instance, the user can use "shut off Bluetooth" and "disable Bluetooth" instead of saying "turn off Bluetooth."

Earlier this year, Google already hinted at a future capability of Google Now to use voice search and commands with no Internet connection.

Reports say, however, that the rolling out of this new feature for Google Now seems to be limited, perhaps by language or region. A few users report that they failed to make the feature work even if they already downloaded version 5.3 of the Google app.

Users who wish to try the update or check if its is available on their Android handsets, can download the updated Google app from APKMirror.

If it does not work, they need to wait patiently since Google is rolling out the new feature in waves to different parts of the world.

Earlier this month, we reported that Google app version 5.3 has been rolled out to enable Now on Tap for Android M Developer Preview 3 devices. Now on Tap allows users to search and access information without leaving their current app.

Handsets with Android 4.4 and higher are eligible to get the update. However, it was reported that only Android M preview 3 devices will experience the perks of the update.

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