Jack Dorsey, interim CEO at Twitter, may soon occupy the full position, observers say.

When this happens, Dorsey will be one of the few CEOs who run two important companies at once. Other big names are on the list: Jobs was president of both Apple and Pixar, and Musk is leading SpaceX and Tesla Motors at the same time. Dorsey took the reins of Twitter on July 1, when former CEO Dick Costolo stepped down.

The first challenge of the companies' president is to widen the appeal of the social network. A report on July shows that Twitter still attracts a low number of active users. This is bad news for investors, who see power in numbers and wish for "meaningful growth." Right now, the microblogging service is unappealing to the average Internet users, Dorsey explained on July 28, during Twitter's second-quarter conference call.

"You should expect Twitter to be as easy as looking out your window to see what's happening," he said. He also pointed out that Twitter should be the first to herald the important events of the world, crediting first-hand sources.

Around 316 million users are active on Twitter, only 20 percent of the 1.5 billion Facebook accounts. This relative small number means that advertisers are hard to come by, as they aim at platforms that are way more popular. The estimated projects revenue for the third quarter is $545 million to $560 million.

Chris Sacca, one of Twitter's first shareholders, urged the company to give Dorsey full command. "They are running a 'process' yet there is only one person fit to run this company: @Jack," Sacca wrote in a tweet last month.

Both investors and analysts agree that Jack Dorsey is the best candidate for full CEO position at Twitter. Dorsey is also CEO of Square, a mobile payment platform that is scheduled for listing later this year.

"The most logical choice, particularly with no 'superior' external candidate surfacing," SunTrust analyst Robert Peck called Dorsey. Peck is acclaimed as Wall Street's Twitter expert and analyst.

Recode reports that Dorsey's new role could be set starting Oct. 1, but both Twitter and Square refused to comment.

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