The latest iPhone devices may be stronger than last year's models as claimed by Apple but the latest torture tests show that no iPhones can match the natural strength found in humans, particularly if that strength is used with the strong desire to break the iPhones apart.

Such is the case when Luke Rockhold, a mixed martial artist and the number one ranking middleweight contender, subjected the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus with his signature kicks and muscle-filled bending.

The tests, which were initiated by SquareTrade Labs, aimed to compare the durability of the new iPhone devices against last year's iPhones namely the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. In order to get credible results, both the new iPhones and the older models were subjected to the same set of torture tests.

"This is Luke Rockhold, the number 1 ranked UFC middleweight fighter in the world. Today SquareTrade Labs steps out of the lab and into the gym by asking Mr. Rockhold to test the breakability of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus against last year's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus by doing what he does best. This is gonna hurt," said in the voice-over on the video.

The first round is called the "Rockhold Roundhouse Kick Tests" and as the name implies, Rockhold gave the iPhones his signature kicks. First off was last year's iPhones. In the video, SquareTrade's Lawrence Wilson is seen holding the iPhone above his head as he waits for 6-foot 3 and 185-pound Rockhold to give the iPhone a no holds barred kick.

As a result, the iPhone, which is an iPhone 6, came flying into the air and then hit the concrete wall before finally landing on the floor, shattered and with a broken display. The same fate happened to the iPhone 6 Plus which also fell apart as it landed on the floor.

All in all, the new and old iPhones appear useless because of their broken display.

"iPhone's new glass is tougher, but not that tough," said Rockhold.

The second and last round of tests is called the "Rockhold Submission Bend Tests." Once again, Apple's devices are being haunted with the past bendgate issue with more tests being used to know if the latest iPhones are indeed better and "bendgate free."

The same procedure was used with last year's iPhone's being the first in line to take the test and then followed by the new models.

"Now, Mr. Rockhold will bend the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus with his bare hands, starting with the iPhone 6 Plus, the phone that caused bendgate," said the person behind the voice-over.

While both devices ended up broken in the process, it's interesting to note how the iPhone 6s Plus took at least eight seconds longer to break as compared to the older iPhone 6 Plus.

"That was tough," said Rockhold after breaking the iPhone 6s Plus.

The video rounded up the results by saying that none of the devices' glass display can survive the Rockhold Roundhouse. However, the new iPhone 6s Plus is definitely better than its predecessor when it comes to surviving the Rockhold Submission Bend test.

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