Globalstar rolls out Sat-Fi for $999 to make Internet anywhere possible


Globalstar has released the Sat-Fi, which is a device that provides the user with Internet access using the most modern network of satellites in the world.

Globalstar is the same company that released the $499 Spot satellite phone, which is capable of initiating communication as a satellite-based service from even the most remote of locations for a monthly service fee that starts at $25.

Globalstar is now taking the impressive signal-seeking capabilities of the Spot satellite phone and using it for wireless Internet connectivity in the Sat-Fi.

The Sat-Fi is capable of connecting its users to the Internet in places where strong 3G or LTE signals are not available. The device can connect the user's device to both cellular and web data through an unnamed satellite at speeds of up to four times faster than the company's competition.

A smartphone app is used to operate the Sat-Fi, enabling Wi-Fi capable devices to connect to the Internet through the Sat-Fi. 

This device will come in handy for professionals and thrill seekers all over the world, such as doctors on a medical mission in a remote part of a jungle and bungee jumpers in deserted peaks in the wild.

"Although we live in a connected world, there are billions of people who work, play and live in remote locations lacking reliable and affordable voice and data communications. Globalstar's Sat-Fi technology will allow government users and subscribers including oil & gas, marine, natural resource and emergency response to use their own device to stay connected when cellular coverage is not available," said Globalstar CEO and Chairman Jay Monroe.

"Customers can rely on Sat-Fi to maintain reliable connectivity and peace of mind even when off the grid." 

Don't expect the traditional Wi-Fi hotspot with the Sat-Fi though, wherein you can watch online videos and connect to multiple social networks. Sat-Fi connections are only able to support SMS, voice calls and e-mail, and with a maximum transfer rate of 9.6 Kbps. 

The Sat-Fi comes with a price tag of $999, with data connections being charged at $1 per minute. There are also several monthly plans available, including as low as $40 per month for 40 minutes up to $150 per month for an unlimited connection.

The Sat-Fi is easy to set up and is capable of connecting up to eight gadgets to the Internet within minutes from starting up. The Sat-Fi won't be able to bring the entire Internet experience to remote locations, but its usefulness is very valuable for the people that will really need it.

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