This season of Sleepy Hollow is supposed to serve as something of a throwback to Season 1 after the storyline went a bit off the rails. And following the premiere of Season 3 on Thursday night, fans won't be disappointed by the new evil forces brewing in our beloved supernatural town.

This season picks up nine months since the end of the previous season, with Abbie Mills as an FBI agent after training in Quantico. She gets a call to go bail Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) out of jail for trying to get an ancient artifact past customs, and we learn that he's on a quest to find his purpose in life now that he's without a family and has the threat of the Horseman. (Side note: Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life" references are awesome.)

The premiere also introduced us to a couple of new characters: two strong women who will play pivotal roles in the episodes to come. Here's everything we know about them so far.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!


The new baddie in town this season is Pandora of the infamous Pandora's box, played by actress Shannyn Sossamon (Wayward Pines, Sinister 2). The season opens with her casting a spell (through song) that takes the soul of the Apocalypse's Horseman of Death into her box. She wishes to unleash fear in the form of a new demon that frightens men into paralysis when they look into its white eyes — before he kills them.

Pandora is later seen walking down to the road five miles away from Sleepy Hollow, spotted by a local cop who starts to question her. Pandora trades her dramatic hooded cape for modern day clothes in the blink of an eye, revealing that she has spent a lifetime trying to get to the town.

After Crane and Mills deal with the "Red Devil," Mills then bumps into Pandora at the local bar. After Mills comments on her name being like the Pandora of Pandora's box, the baddie says that it's more like a dowry before brushing off the comment, saying she studied the Classics. She then states that she would love to meet Crane — so we are sure their paths will cross.

And from the looks of next week's episode that was teased with the premiere, we can see Pandora's only getting started in her dark plans. She will continue to unleash evil — with the next ghoul to be a shadow figure that looks a whole lot like the Grim Reaper.

Betsy Ross

After Crane comes across the description the "Red Devil" last heard from at the Battle of Bunker Hill, we are introduced to another new character, Betsy Ross – yes, the woman responsible for creating the American flag – played by actress Nikki Reed (Twilight). In order to get more information about the demon, Crane and Mills go on a quest to find a message that was delivered by Ross.

In a flashback, we see Crane and Ross together under General Washington (Ross was a spy) before she goes to deliver said message, revealing that the two were partners. While Crane says they were just companions, we see in the flashback that there was more than friendship going on between these two.

While Ross was just a memory, we know all too well that the past has a way of entering the present in Sleepy Hollow. We understand that Ross' supernatural abilities (which are not yet known) will help Crane and Mills this season.

We also learn what happened to Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones). Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) reveals that Irving left Sleepy Hollow in Witness Protection style to keep his family safe. That gives fans hope the beloved character might make a comeback at some point.

The promo for next week also introduced us to Abbie's new love interest and boss, FBI Agent Daniel Reynolds (Lance Gross). But we will have to wait until next week to learn more about this new character.

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