The first season of Fear the Walking Dead ended last night, but AMC used it as the perfect opportunity to close one chapter and open the next by debuting another Walking Dead spin-off, the web series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 during Sunday's finale.

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 is set in the same time as Fear the Walking Dead—when the outbreak first occurs—and will follow the story of a group of passengers who face a zombie invasion while in flight.

In last night's webisode, we were introduced to the passengers, who start to get nervous when it appears the plane has been delayed for take off. This seemingly rattles a teenage boy who is texting his mom, who reveals she didn't make it on the plane and will meet him wherever their destination is.

As more and more passengers start to get worried, one man asks the flight attendant why he received a notification that the airline has grounded the flight.

This makes the already edgy teen more anxious, but his mother (who is now on the phone with him) tells him everything is fine, but is obviously covering something up since screams can be heard in the background.

We can't wait to see which person on the flight is already infected and the chaos that will break out. As if flying wasn't scary enough, these passengers will have to fight for their lives as walkers take over the aircraft. And the one character who survives the attack will reprise their role for the second season of Fear the Walking Dead.

The web series is produced by Dave Erikson (Fear The Walking Dead) and directed by Michael McDonough (Fear The Walking Dead's director of photography), and will air every week during season 6 of The Walking Dead, which premieres on Sunday as well as online and on the AMC app. Each episode will only be about one minute in length.

Watch part 1 of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 in the clip below, and watch every week during The Walking Dead when it premieres at 9 p.m. Oct. 11 EDT on AMC.

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