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AMC Theatres Taking On MoviePass With $20 Subscription Service

The largest theater chain that has been against MoviePass since the beginning will now be starting its own subscription service. It will be priced at $20 compared with MoviePass's $9.99.

Movies/TV Shows June 20, 2018

Andrew Lincoln Reportedly Exiting From ‘The Walking Dead’ After Season 9: Bye, Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is no more. Andrew Lincoln, the actor that plays arguably the most important protagonist in ‘The Walking Dead,’ is leaving the show in Season 9.

Movies/TV Shows May 31, 2018

AMC Theaters No Longer Accept MoviePass

MoviePass subscribers were turned away from some of the busiest AMC Theaters across the United States. Here's a list of AMC Theaters that are no longer accepting MoviePass.

Movies/TV Shows January 26, 2018

How To Watch The Best 'Breaking Bad' Episodes Online

AMC's 'Breaking Bad' cast is celebrating the show's 10th anniversary. Here's how 'Breaking Bad' fans can stream all five seasons online.

Movies/TV Shows January 23, 2018

The Walking Dead Gets Season 9, Names Angela Kang Executive Producer

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' has been renewed for a ninth season, premiering in late 2018. In addition, writer Angela Kang has stepped into a new role as executive producer, starting with season nine.

Movies/TV Shows January 16, 2018

MoviePass Will Let You Watch A Movie Every Day For $10 Per Month Like Netflix But In Exchange For Your Privacy: Good Deal?

MoviePass, a Netflix-style subscription service for new movies, will charge only $10 per month to allow members to watch one movie every day in theaters. In exchange, subscribers will allow data collected from them to be sold to the highest bidder.

Business Tech August 15, 2017

'The Walking Dead' Toned Down Violence After Backlash

The season 7 opener of The Walking Dead drew intense negative backlash from viewers, prompting producers to promise to "tone it down".

Movies/TV Shows January 29, 2017

The Latest Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Just Confirmed Who Judith's Dad Really Is

It's a question fans have had for almost as long as 'The Walking Dead' has been around. Who exactly is Judith's father?

Movies/TV Shows November 14, 2016

This Upcoming 'Walking Dead' Arcade Game Is Played With A Crossbow Controller

AMC's hit show is getting an arcade cabinet adaptation, complete with a crossbow controller.

Video Games November 11, 2016

Glenn's Death On 'The Walking Dead' Show Is Painfully Similar To That Of The Comics

The death of Glenn on 'The Walking Dead' has been a long time coming, and how it played out on AMC's hit show was almost shot for shot from the source material.

Movies/TV Shows October 25, 2016

Latest 'Fear The Walking Dead' Revelation Could Have An Impact On 'The Walking Dead' Proper

The latest bombshell from AMC's spin-off series 'Fear The Walking Dead' may play a role in 'The Walking Dead' proper.

Movies/TV Shows August 29, 2016

'Preacher' Renewed For Second Season: Five Questions We Want Answered In Season 1

AMC just announced that 'Preacher' will get a second season, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions in season one: here's what we'd like to know before this season ends.

Movies/TV Shows June 30, 2016

'The Walking Dead' Facebook Fan Page Gets Cease And Desist Letter From AMC

AMC issued a cease and desist letter to The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook, preventing the page from revealing spoilers from the new season's premiere, as well as making predictions about it.

Movies/TV Shows June 15, 2016

The Convoluted History Of Getting 'Preacher' To The Screen

Although it seems that AMC had no problems in bringing Vertigo Comics' 'Preacher' to the small screen, the live-action adaptation of Jesse Custer's story actually traveled a long and twisted road.

Movies/TV Shows May 19, 2016

Amazon Prime Video Lands Exclusive Streaming Rights To AMC's 'Preacher' in UK, Germany And Japan

Amazon lands a deal to become the exclusive streaming home to AMC's new comedic drama 'Preacher' for Prime Video users in the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Movies/TV Shows May 18, 2016

New 'Preacher' Promo Taps Into The Ultraviolence And Dark Humor Of The Comics

Entertainment Tonight just released a new promo for AMC's 'Preacher,' which not only introduces a few new characters, but also shows how the series will blend humor with supernatural violence.

Movies/TV Shows May 9, 2016

'Fear The Walking Dead' Episode Recap: Neither Water Or Land Is Safe In 'We All Fall Down'

'Fear the Walking Dead' reminds viewers that it is not only the dead and undead that are dangerous in a zombie apocalypse. Find out what happened in the second episode of the show's new season.

Movies/TV Shows April 18, 2016

AMC Changes Mind On Letting People Text During Movies

It only took a day for AMC Theatres to change its position on potentially allowing texting in certain movie theaters. After public backlash, the company announced that it won't allow texting during movies.

Movies/TV Shows April 15, 2016

Dominic Cooper Was ‘Beyond Terrified’ To Play Jesse Custer On 'Preacher'

From Howard Stark to West Texas preacher? Dominic Cooper is the man responsible for bringing to life Jesse Custer in AMC’s adaptation of the acclaimed Vertigo series 'Preacher.'

Geek April 15, 2016

Showrunner Dave Erickson Dishes On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season Two Premiere

Ever thought you can take to the water to survive zombies? 'Fear the Walking Dead' season two is here to set you straight. In an interview, showrunner Dave Erickson also shared a few thoughts about the season two premiere.

Movies/TV Shows April 12, 2016

Ruth Negga Talks 'Preacher,' Says Tulip Is More Than Just A Love Interest

Ruth Negga is Tulip O’Hare in AMC’s ‘Preacher.’ The character may have been introduced as Jesse Custer’s ex-girlfriend but Negga said their relationship goes beyond 'a girl trying to get her boy back.’

Geek April 8, 2016

'Game Of Thrones' Is Getting A 'Talking Dead' Style After Show

The once weekly 'After The Thrones' will discuss the latest episodes of 'Game of Thrones' in the same way 'Talking Dead' does for AMC's 'The Walking Dead.'

Movies/TV Shows April 4, 2016

'Preacher’ Offers Closer Look At Arseface During WonderCon

He has a face only a mother could love, except his own mother left him. During WonderCon, 'Preacher' gave us a closer look at Ian Colletti as Arseface.

Geek March 26, 2016

Tom Cruise Gets Blown Up Representing Church Of Scientology In 'Preacher' Pilot

AMC's 'Preacher' debuted its pilot episode at the South By Southwest panel on March 14 and they blew the audience away. Tom Cruise also got his own explosive appearance in the pilot!

Movies/TV Shows March 15, 2016

AMC Announces Official Release Date For 'Preacher'

AMC's adaptation of comic book 'Preacher' now has a premiere date: the network announced that the series will debut on May 22, right after the midseason finale for 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

Movies/TV Shows March 14, 2016

SXSW Gets Taste Of Upside Down World In AMC ‘Preacher’

Gearing up for its world premiere, AMC’s 'Preacher' unveiled an upside-down church at the SXSW in Austin, Texas. The installation will be on display until Tuesday.

Geek March 12, 2016

AMC To Air Anthology Show Based On Dan Simmons' 'The Terror'

Dan Simmons' fictionalized account of the lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror has finally been green-lit by AMC. Find out who among the science fiction experts in the entertainment industry are attached to the project.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2016

Stock Up On Red Crayons, Because 'The Walking Dead' Is Getting A Coloring Book

Here, you thought the 'Game of Thrones' coloring book was strange.

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2016

AMC Embeds Digital Watermarks On 'The Walking Dead' And Other Series To Deter Piracy

AMC Networks plans on using a new anti-piracy digital watermark on episodes of its programming, including 'The Walking Dead,' to deter pirates from releasing episodes before they air on television.

Internet Culture February 23, 2016

Check Out Two New Teasers For 'The Walking Dead' Season Six

'The Walking Dead' made a huge return a few weeks ago - can the next episode, 'Knots Untie,' possibly hope to compare? We can't know just yet, but two new teasers are hinting at something big.

Movies/TV Shows February 22, 2016

'The Walking Dead' Gets Its Second Scathing Honest Trailer

After six years, it's no surprise that 'The Walking Dead' is more predictable than it used to be — if you need proof, look no further than Screen Junkies' latest 'Honest Trailer.'

Geek February 17, 2016

Catch Your First Glimpse Of 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Premiere

The wait for the second half of the sixth season of 'The Walking Dead' comes to an end on Valentine's Day — and you can catch the first four minutes of the midseason premiere right here.

Geek February 10, 2016

Watch The First Teasers For 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 2

The first season of 'Fear the Walking Dead' managed to capitalize on another side of the original series' zombie apocalypse — and if the teasers are any indication, AMC is hoping to do it again.

Movies/TV Shows February 5, 2016

In An Ironic Twist, 'The Walking Dead' Will Never Die For AMC

In an interview with Vulture, AMC confirmed that when it comes to 'The Walking Dead,' the network is open to more prequels, sequels and anything else related to the hit series.

Movies/TV Shows January 8, 2016

Check Out The First Trailer For 'The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Premiere

The cold, lonely winter months are almost behind us...well, for 'Walking Dead' fans, at least - the show's mid-season premiere is almost here, and we've got the first trailer!

Movies/TV Shows December 31, 2015

'Into the Badlands' Is Very Successful For AMC: Season 2 Inbound?

Season 2 of 'Into the Badlands' is now a possibility after reports claimed the show was quite the success story for AMC. It sits only behind 'Fear The Walking Dead' and 'Better Call Saul' as AMC's most successful in 2015.

Movies/TV Shows December 31, 2015

'Game Of Thrones' Is Once Again The Most Pirated TV Show Of The Year

HBO's hit show still reigns supreme as the most pirated piece of television in 2015.

Movies/TV Shows December 28, 2015

'Your Property Now Belongs To Negan': New 'Walking Dead' Promo Gives Life To The Comic's Most Infamous Villain

A promo for the sixth season of 'The Walking Dead' confirms what fans have been waiting for: Negan is here.

Movies/TV Shows November 30, 2015

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 7 'Heads Up' Reveals Things Won't Stay Quiet After Peace Is Restored

Peace is restored in Alexandria, but the war against the walkers rages on in the next episode of 'The Walking Dead.'

Movies/TV Shows November 16, 2015

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Cast Of 'The Walking Dead' As Villain Negan

'The Good Wife' actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play Negan, the villain and leader of the Saviors from the comic book series, in AMC's 'The Walking Dead.'

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2015

Daryl Runs Into Some Trouble Trying To Get Back To Alexandria In 'The Walking Dead' Promo For Episode 6

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha encounter new obstacles as they try to return to the Safe Zone in one piece in next week's episode of 'The Walking Dead.'

Movies/TV Shows November 9, 2015

Movie Theaters Are Banning Lightsabers And Masks From Select 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Screenings

Cinemark Theaters and AMC quietly announced that lightsabers and other weapons won't be allowed for the screening of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' but costumes are still OK.

Movies/TV Shows November 2, 2015

AMC's 'Preacher' Trailer Gives Us Our First Look At The Cult Comic Come To Life

The first trailer for AMC's 'Preacher' made its debut during last night's episode of 'The Walking Dead.' Take a look at the classic Vertigo comic book come to life.

Internet Culture November 2, 2015

The Alexandria Survivors Clash In Latest 'Walking Dead' Promo

Things have been looking particularly bleak for the survivors of 'The Walking Dead' this season ... and it doesn't look like things are getting any better in the latest teaser for next week's episode, "Now."

Movies/TV Shows November 2, 2015

No Surprise: AMC Renews 'The Walking Dead' For Season 7

Glenn's situation last episode may have surprised everyone but AMC's announcement for a season seven renewal for 'The Walking Dead' did not. The zombies are excited as well.

Geek October 31, 2015

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