Adobe Launches Photoshop Fix, Easy-To-Use Free Editing App That Can Change Facial Features For iOS


Adobe previously gave us a tease of what they have been cooking up during its Project Rigel demo on the new iPad Pro during Apple's event on Sept. 9. And now the creative software company announced the launch of Photoshop Fix for iOS at the annual Max Creativity conference on Monday, Oct. 5.

Photoshop Fix is an app that provides users with easy to use retouching tools for their photos. The app is aimed at beginners, so it doesn't require the user to learn a lot of various features to create the perfect selfie. Instead it's meant to be quick and painless, perfect for sharing to social media with just a few taps.

In Photoshop Fix users can crop and adjust the light and color of their images. The Liquify tool, which users may know from the desktop version of Photoshop, lets users sculpt the shapes of object, clothing and facial features, such as warping or twirling a part of the image. The app also uses facial-detection technology to edit a person's facial features and expressions. Using the new Liquify feature called Face, users can edit their photos to do things such as making someone smile more by widening the smile or by moving individual lips, making a face thinner, or giving a faux nose job by tapping on the face to reveal these tools.

The Healing Brush feature uses Adobe's Content-Aware technology to remove objects from a scene by simply painting over the object with your finger. This means you can easily remove a person who got in the way of your peaceful landscape, or a car that is blocking your city view.

Users can also connect to Photoshop Creative Cloud subscription service, where images are saved in a multilayered PSD file so they can be opened and edited anywhere with Photoshop CC. This means you can start making small edits on a phone on mobile, and continue creating your masterpiece on your desktop later.

Along with launching Photoshop Fix, Adobe also unveiled Adobe Capture CC, which allows users to create brushes, shapes and color themes in the app or via the iPhone's camera. Adobe rolled its Brush, Color, Hue, and Shape apps into the new Capture CC app. The creative software company also announced a new tool for its Lightroom app will include a "Dehaze" tool, and updated its other apps such as Photoshop Mix, Sketch and Illustrator Draw.

Photoshop Fix is free to download for the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 8.1 or later. An Android version is promised, but no date has been set.

Via: Engadget

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