Moments ago, Ubisoft posted a link to Twitter alongside the words, "Survival is timeless." The link takes you to a live YouTube video stream.

The video consists of a cave wall painting depicting a warrior of some kind. The warrior holds a spear or staff and a bow. A fire can be heard burning nearby, and faint embers blow upward as the cave's light flickers accordingly. You can see the video yourself below.

In the background, voices can be heard, though whatever they're saying doesn't sound like any language we've ever heard. There's also an occasional growl from what sounds like a large animal, like a tiger, maybe. You may hear a few other strange noises here and there as well.

The YouTube page says only, "Ubisoft Announcement — Coming Soon." So it's anybody's guess how long this live stream will go on before it's replaced with something more substantial. Thousands of fans are tuning into the live stream at the time of this writing.

So what game is this? Ubisoft wouldn't announce a new Assassin's Creed this close to the release of Assassin's Creed Syndicate; can't have another game taking the focus off that one. And we're guessing it's safe to rule out another Tom Clancy franchise. A theory floating around on Twitter suggests that there have been rumors of a prehistoric edition of Far Cry, or perhaps a DLC for Far Cry 4 set in prehistoric times. Could this be it?

Okay, Ubisoft. Curiosity level is unlocked. Now hand over the details.

We'll update you as soon as Ubisoft releases more information.

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