Universal Studios released the trailer to the highly anticipated Jaws 19 movie that hilariously recaps the history of the popular franchise, while leading up to the latest shark blockbuster to take a bite out of Hollywood. But if you think something is fishy about this trailer, you aren't that far off.

The trailer is actually a parody to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future trilogy. For fans of this franchise, you may remember that Back to the Future Part II was set in 2015. More importantly, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) arrives to the future on exactly October 21, 2015 in the 1989 sequel, which is only in a matter of days.

And while he finds that the future features some high-tech advancements – like flying cars and hoverboards (which sort of now exist) – the movie also provides some pop culture insight. We learn that Pepsi Perfect is the beverage of choice and Jaws 19 is playing in movie theaters when McFly arrives in the future.

Even if it's just a parody, the trailer makes us think of all the potential hit Jaws movies we missed out on.

"Jaws made you afraid to go in the water. Jaws 2 made you afraid to go back in the water. Jaws 3D was a new dimension of terror. In Jaws 4 The Revenge, it was personal," the voiceover says in the trailer. Up until this point, these are all real Jaws movies that make up the franchise. But Universal Studios didn't stop there.

We learn that Jaws 5 was all about business – or rather making more money – followed by the sixth installment about pure pleasure, followed by cyber sharks and robot sharks. By Jaws 10, we get man vs. shark vs. "all the terrors of the deep" — which strangely enough sounds like a great action movie. Then Jaws goes to outer space, which sounds even more ridiculous — but again, that's a movie trailer we would love to see.

Of course, like any major movie franchise reboot, Jaws fans then got a prequel, then a sequel to the prequel — so at least we learn the killer shark's true origin. A "new era in terror" began when Jaws started a family in the 14th movie of the franchise, battled the Russians, visited New York and even fell in love.

And now in Jaws 19, the oceans are disappearing, so the sharks must attack to save their home. "This time it's really, really personal," as the trailer says.

Universal is not the only one having fun with the October 21, 2015 Back to the Future celebration. Pepsi is releasing Pepsi Perfect soda on the famous date to pay tribute to the historic movie date. Pepsi Perfect contains Pepsi Made with Real Sugar and will cost $20.15 for a 16.9 oz. bottle that can be purchased online while supplies last. Marty McFly Cosplayers can get their hands on the Back to the Future-themed soda this week at New York City Comic-Con, where 1,500 bottles will be given away.

The Back to Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray and DVD will also become available on October 21. The set comes with all three movies from the franchise, plus a bonus disc with over two hours of content including interviews, documentaries and animated shorts.

Fans can additionally get the Back to the Future: The Complete Animated Series DVD collection set that features all 26 episodes for the first time ever. You can get both collections together in the Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures — which includes all animated episodes, as well as the three classic movies, the bonus disc that features new original shorts, documentaries, and new animated episodes, plus a 64-page book and collectible light-up Flux Capacitor packaging. These collections will also be available starting October 21.

In the meantime, check out the parody trailer for Jaws 19 in the clip below.

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