With eco-friendly hybrid cars all the rage on the roads these days, leave it up to Lexus to come up with a new concept to push the boundaries of engineering and earth-friendly vehicles. Lexus UK has just unveiled a replica of its IS Saloon sedan made out of cardboard. That's right, this working car is made up of laser cut cardboard sheets and can actually be driven.

The origami car is reportedly going to be shown off at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre on Thursday, Oct.8 for the Grand Designs Live home improvement show.

The one-off precision cut vehicle was said to have taken design teams from UK laser-cutting service LaserCut Works, 3D model maker Scales and Models, and DS Smith packaging company three months to put together. And it was definitely not a simple case of cut, fold and glue.

Each of the 1,700 sheets of recycled cardboard had to be precisely cut and placed to the millimeter. The water-based glue took ten minutes to dry but nothing could be changed once set.

"In effect we created our own vehicle production line," said Ruben. "There was a lot of repetition in the process and we had to work with military precision, just like the teams that make the real Lexus cars," said Lexus in a statement.

Attention to detail was not only put on the exterior of the sedan but also on the interiors. The car is fully fitted and has doors that can open and close, headlights, rolling wheels and an electric motor. All of it was built over an aluminum frame so it can be driven on a real road. Better not take this out on a rainy or snowy day though.

Check out the beauty of the world's first recyclable, drive-able, cardboard, electric origami car in this reveal video from Lexus UK.

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