When Apple took the world by storm with its release of the iPhone, many tech companies have turned the device's ingenious features as the de facto standard for smartphones. Upgrades here and there resulted to innovations in technology that people wouldn't have dared imagine ever happening. Recently, Apple released its 3D Touch technology for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Synaptics, a company that develops human interface solutions applied to electronic devices, plans to bring its ClearPad 3700 screen controller, a pressure-sensitive display similar to Apple's 3D touch, to Android phones.

The ClearPad 3700 features ClearForce technology which enables OEMs to differentiate smartphones by looking into user interface dimensions such as cursor movement, speed, zoom, scrolling, gaming, and text or photo editing at the touch of a finger or a stylus. It also contains SideTouch, a feature which enables the rims of the phone to be used for scrolling and tapping without affecting the screen with your finger.

Some of its features also include a contextual menu, doubling MIPS and memory to enable advanced features, a massive performance upgrade, active and passive stylus capabilities and a non-touch hover at an inch.

Senior Vice President and general manager of Synaptics' Smart Display Division Kevin Barber explained that early adapters of the ClearForce technology include industry-leading OEMs and LCMS which are seeking more enhanced and more innovative user experience.

"The latest ClearPad family of products extends into multiple market segments with exciting new functionality and underscores Synaptics' innovation and leadership in creating unmatched touch solutions," said Barber.

The Senior Vice President hopes that ClearForce will soon become the norm among Android phones.

The company has also included the ClearPad 7800 and ClearPad 3600 to its ClearPad series.

The ClearPad 3600 contains silicon architecture, an enhanced glove touch and multiple user-defined facial and gesture recognition. The ClearPad 7800 is meanwhile optimized for 17.3-inch screens found in notebooks, tablets and other electronic device and supports an excellent palm and touch performance.

Synaptics expects to release the ClearPad 3700 and CleaarPad 7800 in early 2016, while the ClearPad 3600 may soon be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2015.

We have yet to see how OEMs and LCMs plan to integrate the ClearForce technology. Synaptics' third-generation force-sensing solution has revolutionized interface capabilities, but currently, there is no support for pressure-sensitive screens in Android.

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