Way back in February of 2014, Doctor Who and LEGO fan Andrew Clark did fans a solid by submitting a great concept to LEGO Ideas for a play set starring our favorite Time Lord.

That idea got enough votes to be submitted to LEGO for consideration (not to mention corporate partnership arrangements with BBC), and at long last, the brick-building toy company has unveiled its final version of Clark's design.

Officially designated set 21304, it will retail for $59.99 and comes with the Tardis, four minifigures and two Daleks. Peter Capaldi's 12th and current Doctor is in there, along with his immediate predecessor, Matt Smith/11. Faithful companion Clara Oswald — who will soon be the longest-running companion of the modern series before actress Jenna Coleman exits the show later this season — is the third minifigure, and a creepy, double-faced Weeping Angel statue is the fourth.

The figures are great, but fans are really going to go nuts over the Tardis. It features a brilliant design conceit that was there from the start, in Andrew Clark's original idea. You get to build an authentic Tardis replica that's at correct minifigure scale, but when it's time to go inside the bigger-on-the-inside time machine, the exterior unfolds and then connects to a second build of the control room. How cool is that?

This is what it looks like.

And here's LEGO Ideas' official description:

Construct a stunningly detailed LEGO version of the iconic TARDIS and role-play the Doctor's time-travel adventures! Created by fan-designer Andrew Clark and selected by LEGO Ideas members, this set is based on the BBC's popular and long-running television series about a Time Lord — the Doctor — exploring the universe in a blue police box. Due to trans-dimensional engineering, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside and this cool multifunctional set includes the console room that houses all the flight controls. Regenerate the Doctor and defeat the evil Daleks and a Weeping Angel with the help of his extraordinary companion Clara. Then close the doors of the TARDIS and launch into another dimension! Includes 4 minifigures with assorted accessory elements: the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald and a Weeping Angel, plus 2 Daleks.

The LEGO Doctor Who set will go on sale Dec. 1. If you want to see more from Doctor Who released as LEGO sets, buy this thing! The Minecraft set originally from LEGO Ideas spawned an entire product line because it became a big hit.

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