In this season's Once Upon A Time, the world of Storybrooke has turned upside down. The once evil Queen is now the town's savior and the once savior is now the evil Dark One.

This season is all about saving Emma (Jennifer Morrison) from the dark magic that has consumed her, but is that even possible? Can those who love her remove the curse of the Dark One?

Of all the citizens of Storybrooke, Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) is the most likely to help save Emma, given his love for her. However, last week, viewers discovered that true love's kiss – one of the most powerful magics of all time – wasn't enough.

But this weekend's episode offers hope — at least in this preview of things to come. The clip shows Emma reaching out to Hook aboard his ship and offering what seems a peace offering — even apologizing for her previous behavior.

But now that Emma is the Dark One, can Hook trust her?

Longtime Once Upon A Time fans will recognize this scene as a recreation of Emma and Hook's first date, which also took place aboard the Jolly Roger: everything is the same, from the dress to the ponytail Emma sports. So if this does prove a trap on Emma's part, it's a very low thing to do to Hook and it's likely, he might not forgive Emma as the Dark One for it.

So why would the Dark One manipulate Hook so? Perhaps she believes he's the one who can pull the sword out of the stone that she keeps locked away in her house.

The episode synopsis seems to confirm this theory:

"In Camelot, the heroes feverishly work to free Merlin. Determined to help Emma, David embarks on a quest to retrieve a magical relic that Regina could use to communicate with the imprisoned sorcerer, but, when David leaves, Arthur insists on joining him because the dangers ahead are greater than he can imagine. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret discovers the fate of her old friend Lancelot. Back in Storybrooke, Arthur seeks David's help to catch a thief who threatens the safety of the citizens of Camelot. Across town, Emma reaches out to a conflicted Hook as she sets about her plan to draw Excalibur from the stone."

But of course, this is Once Upon A Time, and to quote Rumpelstiltskin from last week's episode, "Did you really think it would be that easy?"

Once Upon A Time airs on ABC on Sundays.

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