Magellan's new eXplorist TRX7 harnesses the power of the Android platform to deliver a navigation experience unbounded by roads and unaffected by mild to moderate "oops" events.

This Android-based GPS unit is built rugged for off-road vehicles. Its 7-inch, touch-sensitive LCD display is weatherproof. It's dust proof and it can be submerged in water as far down as a meter, just over three feet.

Beneath that weatherproof outer wear, the TRX7 has a dual-core Cortex-A9 processor and 1 GB of RAM. It also has 16 GB of long-term storage space and that can be expanded by 64 GB with a microSD card. 

That 16 GB of storage space comes loaded with more than Android 4.2. It comes with more than 44,000 maps preinstalled, which, according to Magellan, makes it the most comprehensive compilation of trail maps available to off-roaders.

"The Magellan off-road vehicle platform's trail maps are cloud based, dynamic, and will continue to grow and be improved by both Magellan and through crowdsourced additions from the TRX7 user community," says Magellan.

For the orienteer and the general lover of things miles away from paved roads, the eXplorist TRX7's Android engine is good for sharing treks down trails on social media. Yes, you can fill news feeds with trails covered or made.

The TRX7's library of off-road maps displays 3D terrain in HD, along with 2D topo maps contour elevation lines. The maps point out interesting places and things such as vehicle areas, food, lodging, gas and other services. They also include trail guides, along with both official and crowdsourced trails. Magellan plans to give the world a look at the eXplorist TRX7 at the AIMExpo in Orlando, which kicks off on Oct. 15.

"Magellan's new eXplorist TRX7 is the most fully-loaded, affordable and purpose-built off-road navigator for adventuring," said Stig Pedersen, associate vice president of product management for Magellan. "Whether you want to navigate the classic trails, or want to create your own adventures, the Magellan eXplorist TRX7 stands ready to help you traverse some of the most rugged terrain." 

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