Rocket League is taking us back to the future on Oct. 21, 2015 — Back To The Future Day.

This coming 21st, exactly 30 years to the day that Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer Parker, and the mad Doc Brown travelled through time to get the world back on the right track, Psyonix is giving gamers a Back To The Future-themed pack for Rocket League.

For the uninitiated, Rocket League is the smash hit sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. If the name of the game sounds crazy, it's because it is crazy. The sequel's title just makes it easier to remember and is just as maddeningly fun to play.

In Rocket League, players take control of rocket-powered cars to maneuver a gigantic soccer ball around a field towards the opposing team's goal. Imagine monster trucks playing soccer, or a twisted version of Twisted Metal in a FIFA 15 world. That is Rocket League in a nutshell. And, yes, players can explode and die in the game. Watch out for those explosions!

With the upcoming Back To The Future car pack, players can choose the DeLorean Time Machine as a playable Battle-Car. Of course, the vehicle comes complete with folding jet-wheels and that iconic burnt rubber trail we all saw in the movies when the DeLorean sped off through the space-time continuum.

"Truth be told, we used to fantasize and joke about having the DeLorean Time Machine in our game months before it even came out. We were all such huge Back to the Future fans here at Psyonix, that it was one of the few 'Holy Grails' we had hoped for besides having a hit game. The fact that we're getting both of those 'best-case scenarios' in the same year is an amazing accomplishment for us, they're things we'll never forget!" Psyonix shared on the PlayStation Blog.

The Back To The Future car pack is the third pack released so far closely following the Revenge of The Battle-Cars expansion released on Oct. 13. Fans of the movie franchise wanting in on the new gameplay in Rocket League will have to shell out $2 for the experience, but that's much cheaper than any rental of the movie and is still just as fun.

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