Batman: Arkham Knight released back in June, and since then a slow but steady trickle of DLC has been coming to the game. While new story missions and Batmobiles come in the game's season pass, this latest update from Rocksteady comes free of charge for all players.

Players will now be able to select what character they would like to use for the game's combat focused AR challenges. The list of characters available to play as are Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Azrael, and Batgirl. Each character plays similarly to Batman, though each have new animations and gadgets at their disposal. The feature is going live today, according to a tweet from developer Rocksteady's official account.

Being able to play as different characters in the game's challenge modes was a feature that shipped with each previous Batman: Arkham game but was absent from Arkham Knight due to the way the game implemented the AR challenges into the actual game world. Now players will be able to choose from a roster of playable characters to fight for the new top score. It's unclear if more characters will be added down the line, but Rocksteady does say that new Predator challenge maps for the game will be arriving in November. 

The new feature will be included in the PC version of the game when it goes back on sale. Warner Bros. expects the PC version of the game, which was mired by problems and taken off store shelves and digital storefronts, to be ready for release by the end of October.

Even once the PC version of the game is out, don't expect Warner Bros. to be finished with making Batman games anytime soon. The publisher recently stated that Batman is one of their most valuable IPs, so even if the Arkham series has concluded, we can only assume more adventures starring the Caped Crusader will be here sooner rather than later. 

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