Even fans know it's fun to make fun of comics and superheroes. The scenarios featured in comic books are often so ridiculous, so silly or just straight up weird that they can become a comedy gold mine if put into the right hands.

The folks behind Robot Chicken might not be "right" in any sense of the word, but they sure to know how to bring out the funny side of Batman, Superman and every other character both major and minor that has appeared in the DC universe over the years. They've already done it twice before with two specials, and now they are ready to premiere the third.

Titled Robot Chicken DC Comics III Magical Friendship, it looks every bit as insane as you might expect it would. At New York Comic Con over the weekend we got our best look yet at the upcoming special, and now a new trailer lets you choose whichever scenario sounds funnier to you in a choose your own adventure format.

As you can imagine, this trailer has everything. People making fun of Batman for not having superpowers? Check. People making fun of Batman for having dead parents? Check. People pulling pranks on Batman? Check. Mostly this is just a trailer about Batman, but Superman, Lex Luthor and a few other heroes appear as well. Check it out below. Heck, watch it twice. Depending on what choice you make at the beginning, it will lead to all new clips. So many clips!

For those who don't like making choices, there is also a new, standard trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The special airs on the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network on Oct. 18 at midnight.

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