Although Square Enix has been known to put a halt to fan-made projects of game titles under its control, fans of Deus Ex were happily surprised to see the company completely embrace the Revision mod created for the 2000 game by Caustic Creative.

The improvements in Deus Ex Revision give the game a whole new feel, worthy of the game as it celebrates its 15th year. New textures and an overhauled soundtrack is exactly what the game needed to get gamers to go back to the more than a decade old game and to hype up Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which is still months away from release.

The best part is, Revision is available for free to those who already own the game. Don't have it yet? Not to worry because it's available for download on Steam for only $1.39 until Friday.

According to reports, Caustic Creative was at first apprehensive about releasing its mod, After all, very recently, a fan-made translation of Final Fantasy Type-0 was shut down by "a certain gaming company" and a web series inspired by Final Fantasy was given the no-go on Kickstarter due to an intellectual copyright dispute from Square Enix when it tried to get funding.

The company's history of putting the halt on fan-backed projects led Caustic Creative to fear that its update to Deus Ex might also get the axe. However, upon reaching out to Square Enix about its endeavor, they were not only given the green light, but also got their full support and this official press release about the mod was issued:

"Today Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal continue to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of the original Deus Ex® by authorizing a fan-created mod for the first Deus Ex game originally released in 2000. Called 'Revision', the mod by Caustic Creative overhauls the environments and soundtrack of the original Deus Ex and is available to download for free today on Steam."

So sit back and enjoy the brand new textures and sounds of Deus Ex, or head on over to Steam to get the game at 80 percent off until Oct. 16 only.

Revision is just what the gaming gods ordered until Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is finally released in February 2016.

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