Rumors have surfaced saying Energous Corporation—a company developing wire-free charging technology, WattUp, which claims to transform the way individuals power and charge their devices at home—has been purportedly working with a major OEM, hinting the very first self-charging smartphone could already be along the way.

Motorola Solutions may be the first one to lead the way.

A report indicates Energous attended Motorola's internal event last week for its employees where they were informed of the partner companies at the back of the newest products.

While the report admits this may not directly confirm that Motorola Solutions is teaming up with Energous to make use of the WattUp technology in its next smartphone, the event may give an indirect indication that these companies may be working on a particular project.

The report likewise does point out the slight increase in Motorola Solutions' job openings for electrical engineers specializing in Radio Frequency (RF) and battery technology, which increases the possibility that Motorola Solutions might be offering a smartphone that charges itself in the near future.

Meanwhile, Energous recently announced the issuance of six utility and design patents for its over-the-air charging solution, WattUp, which could mean the commercial availability of the technology in offices, homes and cars is imminent.

"With well over 150 patents filed to date, we expect a number of additional awards in the coming months covering numerous applications and vertical markets as we continue to progress towards our goal of a ubiquitous wire-free power solution," said the President and CEO of Energous, Stephen R. Rizzone.

How WattUp Works

The WattUp technology offers over-the-air power at a distance of up to 15 feet.

WattUp captures RF energy and transforms it into DC power. A user needs to set up a unit specially designed to blast RF energy and a device then captures the energy to be utilized for charging.

"The WattUp wire-free charging system delivers energy over the air in your home, office, car or practically any other space you can imagine," writes Energous on its website. "Mobile, wire-free power management means freedom from cords or stationary charging pads, and the potential freedom from worrying about running out of battery life altogether."

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