ESPN's SportsCenter To Air Weekly WWE Segment


It helps having a former employee on the inside of The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Ex-WWE commentator, turned ESPN SportsCenter host Jonathan Coachman rolled out with SportsCenter's new weekly WWE segment on Tuesday night.

Coachman, who spent many nights being harassed by The Rock and other Superstars on live television, must have felt like old times, rolling out the top WWE moments from Monday Night Raw and interviewing World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins.

The two spoke about Rollins' growing feud with Kane, with the champ comparing himself to the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and their star quarterback Tom Brady.

"I'm like the New England Patriots of the WWE. I'm like Tom Brady," Rollins explained to Coachman. "I'm the World Heavyweight champion, so everyone is jealous of me...and that includes Kane."

From there, Coach asked Rollins about blindsiding Johnny Manziel on an episode of Raw, blasting the Cleveland Browns quarterback with insults and also got his opinion on whether there should be an age stipulation in the WWE as seen in other sports. For good measure, Coach also got the champ's take on whether Chase Utley's slide against the New York Mets was dirty or not.

ESPN and the WWE have been building quite a relationship in the past several months, with the sports network airing an E:60 documentary special, Behind The Curtain, all about the inner workings of World Wrestling Entertainment back in May and Brock Lesnar appearing live on SportsCenter in August before SummerSlam.

This weekly WWE segment on SportsCenter with top moments from Raw and more possible interviews with Superstars just adds to that.

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