Netflix Show For Marvel's Moon Knight Rumored To Be In Development


With the upcoming Netflix premiere of Marvel's much-hyped (and exceedingly well-reviewedJessica Jones, and the release of the Daredevil trailer for the lauded show's sophomore season last weekend at New York Comic Con 2015, it's no huge surprise that the comics publisher and entertainment company is pushing for a few more superhero series to run on its popular partnering streaming service.

According to Umberto Gonzales, founder and editor-in-chief of Heroic Hollywood, a superhero-centric news site, the next Marvel character up to bat is the enduring fan favorite Moon Knight.

On Collider's Heroes video cast, Gonzalez discussed possible upcoming Marvel movies for 2020 with host Jon Schnepp and comics writer and fellow guest Vito Lapiccola, as well as the viability of projects in other visual mediums, like the rumored HBO adaptation of Watchmen. When Moon Knight came up in conversation, Gonzalez apprised them that he'd heard of a viable series for the night-walking, caped patroler, possibly in the vein of a backdoor pilot, à la Netflix's take on the Punisher via Daredevil.

While some might consider Moon Knight an underdog pick for his own Netflix show, Gonzalez offered a simple explanation.

"He is their version of Bruce Wayne," he said, citing Netflix's specific interest in a Moon Knight-centric show. "It's one of the staples that [Marvel is] developing for the Netflix strategy."

Gonzalez is not alone in his comparison. During Moon Knight's major relaunch back in 2006, critics decried similarities between the respective Marvel and DC heroes, citing their wealthy present-day backgrounds and penchant for dusky vigilantism. 

Despite the similarities, Gonzalez does have a point—Moon Knight fits in well with the noirish, polished-but-sordid aesthetic and appeal that Daredevil (and Jessica Jones, from the look of the consecutively released teasers) provides, and, most important, what keeps Netflix and fans alike coming back for more.

Check out Gonzalez discussing Moon Knight in the clip below—it starts around the 9-minute mark.


Via: Comic Book

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