Here's something that StarCraft fans can look forward to, apart from the upcoming Legacy of the Void standalone expansion pack.

A new digital comic book is set to be released on Tuesday, Oct 20. The story, featuring everyone's favorite Protoss, Artanis, is written by Matt Burns and James Waugh and designed by Edouard Guiton and Emanuele Tenderini.

The eight-page comic titled "Artanis: Sacrifice" is meant to lead into the Legacy of the Void expansion pack release on Nov. 10. A report has already issued a sneak peek into the comic, which helps "build the story of the expansion pack," says Joshua Yehl of IGN, who made the announcement.

"Artanis: Sacrifice" is only one of several other lead-ins to Legacy of the Void. The order in which to read them would be the short stories first, then "Artanis: Sacrifice," the "Reclamation" short and finally, the opening cinematic.

Legacy of the Void is an expansion pack to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, a military sci-fi real-time strategy game. It is the third part of the Blizzard's StarCraft II trilogy.

The standalone expansion pack will include more multiplayer modifications and units from The Heart of the Swarm, and will continue the campaign focused on the Protoss as a species, featuring Artanis as the main character. The invite-only beta testing was launched by Blizzard last March 31.

Those who preordered the game following its July 15 sale are given multiplayer beta access, as well as a set of three prologue missions called Whispers of Oblivion. Whispers of Oblivion only recently became available to all players after the Oct. 3 update of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Elements of diplomacy are incorporated into Legacy of the Void's single-player campaign. The player will get to work with various Protoss tribes to build allies and advance the story, but this comes at the cost of making enemies with opposing tribes. The campaign's ultimate goal is to merge the different tribes into a single force to ensure their survival. Artanis will be the central character, while Amon will be opposite Artanis. Sara Kerrigan and Jim Raynor will play minor parts in the game.

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