The latest story trailer of the upcoming StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void shows how two Protoss brothers talk about their Golden Armada attempt to retake Aiur from the Zerg on the eve of the planned invasion.

The trailer itself features no gameplay scenes as it is being filled with a lot of serious dialogue which proves to be an essential way to launch the story line behind the latest game expansion.

At the opening of the video, Artanis, the Protoss Hierarch and Tassadar's protégé, was seen as contemplating in solitude about the future. Based on Artanis' opening line, it seemed like Kaldaris had been searching for him.

"I wish to be alone, Kaldaris," said Artanis.

"Your warriors question your whereabouts," Kaldaris responded.

"We are an ancient people. There are few of us left. And tomorrow, I send so many to die."

Artanis is thinking whether it is still practical or even desirable to reclaim Aiur. He mentioned a number of past events such as the Dark Templar's decision to reject the Khala, the Aeon of Strife, and the subsequent attempt of the Conclave to exterminate the members of their own species.

The role of Kaldaris in the new story line was highlighted extensively in the game's official legacy site.

According to the site, Kaldaris reminded Artanis that throughout the darkness, light still seeps in. He talked about Khas and how he forged order from the chaos. He believes that reclaiming Aiur will definitely pave the way for a united Protoss to have a new beginning. He further argues that rebuilding Aiur is worth dying for. Since he believes in the future of Aiur so much, he even volunteered to lead the vanguard and be the first in the pack to step back on Aiur. He is not afraid to die if it means that his people will have a future.

"Kaldaris epitomizes the ideal Protoss warrior and he is ultimately successful in convincing Artanis that Aiur is worth fighting for - it is worth dying for," stated the official site.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is scheduled for a Nov. 10 launch and will be available to users of Windows PC and Mac. It will be the last among the trilogy which started with the Terrans in 2010 and continued with the Zerg in 2013.

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