Gender-swapping our favorite heroes seem to be a trend in Marvel and Spider-Gwen has another addition to the list in the recently released Spider-Gwen #1. Can anyone guess who this Marvel hero that just received a gender swapping treatment is? Before you read any further, know that there are spoilers ahead.

Let's have a run-down of the events that take place in Spider-Gwen so we're all in the same place. Here's the first spoiler, if you still haven't guessed: Spider-Gwen is none other than Gwendolyne Stacy. Yes, Peter Parker's first love who was played by actress Emma Stone in the film adaptation. Now that we have that settled, let's learn more about what's going on in this universe.

Spider-Gwen happens in an alternate universe. To be more specific, this Gwen resides in Earth-65 and she was the one who got bitten by a radioactive spider which gave her Spidey's powers. Peter Parker is not so lucky because, in Earth-65, he becomes the Lizard and dies. His death is what prompts Gwen to use her newly acquired superpowers to investigate another Lizard on the prowl both as a way to get over Peter's death and to get to the bottom of the Lizard case.

After further investigation, Gwen is led into New York's sewers where she discovers that Doctor Curtis Connors used the lizard serum on himself. It seems that even in parallel universes, Doctor Connors can't escape his villainy path. Here, the doctor decides to infect other people too, starting with the missing people whom he turned into lizard people. Of course, Spider-Gwen finds herself in quite a sticky situation as she is surrounded by the mutated people and has no choice but to fight them all herself. At least until a familiar shield makes its way towards the Lizard people to knock them out.

In a wonderful twist, Marvel reveals an African-American Captain America and even more amazing is that Earth-65's Captain America is female! It's not so amazing for Spider-Gwen, though, because the Captain was sent to arrest her.

Spider-Gwen is getting more exciting and, with a new Captain America in tow, things just got even better.

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