Marvel's Spider-Woman, Silk And Spider-Gwen Are Teaming Up For 'Spider-Women'


The Spider-Women are coming.

Saturday at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced a crossover event for 2016 called Spider-Women. With its recently expanded roster of spider-powered female heroes, it was only a matter of time before they teamed up. In this case, it's the three most prominent spider-ladies working together against a common foe.

They are Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew; Silk, aka Cindy Moon; and Spider-Gwen, aka an alternate-dimension Gwen Stacy. The story will find the trio enjoying some girl time over brunch when Silk and Spider-Woman become trapped in Spider-Gwen's universe. Meanwhile, back in the Marvel 616 universe – what they call home – evil versions of Spider-Woman and Silk are taking up residence and causing all kinds of havoc.

The event will unfold mainly in the pages of each character's monthly series, with a special one-shot called Spider-Women: Alpha to get things started, and Spider-Women: Omega serving as the finale. The respective creative teams behind all three titles – Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez (Spider-Woman), Stacey Lee and Robbie Thompson (Silk), Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez (Spider-Gwen) – are working together to create the event series.

Spider-Women kicks off in Spring 2016.

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