What do you get when you take some of Marvel's most popular and diverse superheroes and put them together to create the ultimate supergroup dedicated to fighting evil in the world?

You get Marvel's Ultimates, a new ongoing series written by Al Ewing with art by Kenneth Rocafort.

The team—comprised of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ms. America Chavez, Spectrum and Blue Marvel—arrives in its first issue next month. However, Marvel released a sneak peek at Ultimates #1 today.

"Brought together to handle problems too big for the rest of Earth's heroes!" writes Marvel in a press release. "From cosmic forces lurking on Earth to what waits on the outside of the omniverse—the impossible is where they start! Their first target? Putting an end to Galactus, the devourer of worlds, once and for all! This could get ugly. There's a new superteam in town."

The Ultimates team was originally created in 2002 as a reimagined version of Marvel's The Avengers. In fact, the first Ultimates team included several Avengers, such as Captain America, Thor and Hulk. In that original storyline, SHIELD's Nick Fury created the Ultimates to battle a group of alien shape-shifters.

However, this new team of Ultimates is much more diverse and part of Marvel's "All-New All-Different" campaign. This is the post-Secret Wars team, a group prepared to take on much bigger galacticwide threats.

"The Ultimates are a team put together to find and fix omniversal problems likely to affect the safety of Earth and the larger universe," said Ewing to Comics Alliance. "A cosmic team for cosmic threats. The impossible is where they start. Although, actually, they'll be starting with the most well-known cosmic threat of all—Galactus."

The series starts with a two-parter involving Galactus that Ewing says will "probably go further than people are expecting."

"Following that, we have a trek to the outside of the Omniverse, a journey into the dreams of the Dreaming Celestial, and the return of one of the oldest and strangest creatures in the Marvel Universe. It's going to be a fun ride," said Ewing.

Ultimates #1 lands in comic book stores and online Nov. 11.

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