Making money in The Witcher 3 isn't all that hard, and it was even easier back when the game first launched. Players could infinitely farm cow hides and sell them at a ridiculous price for huge profits, or collect and sell pearls to make a quick buck.

While CD Projekt Red eventually fixed the cow hide exploit with a super-powerful monster that just so happened to be attracted to the slaughter of cattle, the developer's latest jab at cheaters is one for the record books ... literally, as it turns out.

In the recently-released expansion for The Witcher 3, titled "Hearts of Stone," Geralt finds himself on yet another adventure. For players who took part in questionable money-making tactics, they'll get a special visit from a tax collector by the name of Walthemor Mitty, whose tax records are a little off.

You see, Walthemor Mitty knows all about your undocumented income. He tells the player that they've heard reports of Geralt quickly coming into large sums of wealth. He then proceeds to ask you various questions, specifically if you've "engaged in the wholesale trade of rawhide in the White Orchid area" or "engaged in the acquisition of bivalves with the express intention of selling the pearls therein."

This is, of course, The Witcher we are talking about, so players have a choice to make when these accusations are raised against them. You can tell the tax collector you know nothing about these accusations or you can admit to having participated. If you say no, the tax collector will find that the rest of your taxes are in order and grant you a diploma and the title of "Taxpayer in good standing."

That's what YouTuber WhatsMyGame does in the video below. If you fess up, however, you'll have to pay a hefty fine of 1,000 crowns, according to one commenter on the video.

It's refreshing to how CD Projekt Red incorporates players' behavior into the game rather than simply punishing those who use the exploit. It's just another reason why The Witcher 3 is one of the best games of the year ... even if it might be a tad too big.

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